Burda 7142 for Mark

I made Mark a coat for our trip to New York and other cold far flung places, and, although it weighs a lot, it is warm! Warning: you are going to get random photos all over NYC..

First up, in front of the Flat Iron Building. This is an iconic building and I see that it is being turned into a 5 star hotel eventually. One of the many things I love about the US is the architecture. It is so different from what we see in Australia. Just looking down the street here I can see some stunning buildings.


The pattern I used for Mark’s coat is Burda 7142, which is a “burda young” pattern. I have to say that the coat looks fabulous on Archie.

men's coat pattern

It is a simple, straight coat with large pockets. It would have been really quick to sew except the fabric is a really, really heavy 100% wool that I bought from Knitwit. The only way to get the seams to sit flat was to topstitch them down either side of the seamline. This meant a lot of sewing and there were times when my hands really struggled because of the weight and thickness of this coat.


The coat has got raglan sleeves and I did go up a size so that Mark could fit a jumper under it, however it is so warm that he hasn’t actually needed to wear much under it at all, so now I’m worried that I made it a little large. He is thrilled with it though, so I think that’s all that matters. A couple of shots in Times Square on our first night in town.DSC06144

Gratuitous photo of the court house now because it is such a gorgeous building.


New York is all lit up for Christmas, so expect a few posts of fairy lights – here is a start.DSC06186

This is where George Washington took the oath as the first President of the United States back in 1789. Sorry to bore all my US followers, but for us this is all fascinating stuff.


I last spent a sustained period of time in New York in 1987 and remember vividly visiting the World Trade Centre, and being completely freaked out on the roof of one of the twin towers. What I would give to go back up there with my family. Here are Mark and Archie at one of the two Reflecting Pools. Such a moving experience.


I had to include this photo of the pigeons being made at the Union Square markets – aren’t they amazing?


Everything that Mark is wearing in all of these photos (except the caps, his belt and shoes) is made by me – how cool is that?  A last photo at the Union Square markets – unbelievable markets and such fun!DSC06298



21 thoughts on “Burda 7142 for Mark

  1. I just love a long coat on a man. I always admired them when I lived in cold places but, of course, rarely see them here in Oz. Mark’s coat looks lovely and very cosy. I’m loving all the holiday snaps too. Keep them coming!

  2. This classic coat looks perfect on Mark and I don’t doubt it looks stunning on Archie too! Your two travelling companions look like perfect New Yorkers. While reading this post, I couldn’t help but feeling sorry for my poor weather forcast. Hope you’re not too warmly dressed!

  3. So glad you posted this lovely coat. I have that Burda pattern and intended to make it for my son who freezes to death in our nation’s capital in winter. We always say that with our hands on our hearts like we’re patriotic, but overt displays of patriotism are only ever committed tongue in cheek at our place!!

  4. Mark looks very happy in his new coat Sue. I am so impressed with all the unselfish sewing that you do. You must get a lot of pleasure from knowing that your efforts are appreciated. I’m enjoying your holiday photos too.

  5. Better watch it Sue, Macy’s might want you to supply men’s coats on a large scale! All looking good and hope you are enjoying every day. x

  6. Looks great Sharon I purchased the pattern 2 days ago. I am making the shorter version in a Harris Tweed for my dearly beloved. I am going the extra mile by doing bound buttonholes in a soft leather.Wish me luck hope mine looks as good as Marks.

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