1978 cabled jumper

I managed to knit myself a jumper for our trip, using a pattern from a vintage Vogue knitting patterns book that I bought for 20c in an op-shop – the patterns range from the 1920s to the 1980s; this one is from 1978.


As you can see, it has pockets! I didn’t coordinate mine with pyjama bottoms however…


This is a view of my  jumper taken from the High Line, which is close to the apartment we rented. The pockets are set into the side seams with welts. Even though I pressed them as flat as possible, they still give a saddle bag effect on my hips. I might add a couple of inches to the length when I get home so that I get the effect on my thighs. The advantage of a ’70s pattern is that it has almost no shaping, so it’s easy to unpick the neckline and shoulder shaping and add some length.

The High Line is a relatively new in its current form, and I hadn’t visited it before. It is a pretty fabulous example of urban renewal – they took a high line railway which serviced the meat packing district and turned it into a park. Dotted along the walkway are seats of all sorts, so I had to chill out on a lounge bed.


Can you see that the beds are on small wheels and you can push them together using the railway tracks.

They also have benches, and other forms of seating. Please note the sunglasses – we came expecting rain and/or snow and have had 65°F sunny skies!


Here is the back view of the jumper taken in Washington Square. I’m not sure if you can read the message at the top of this arch, but it resonates with me.


Speaking of hand knitting – how is this wool? This young girl was in the shop having a knitting lesson.


and finally, an action shot of me in Mood Fabrics. How happy do I look?? More on this visit later.


[later update: the wool I used is Cascade 220 bought from a yarn shop in Hobart several years ago.]



25 thoughts on “1978 cabled jumper

  1. wowee, love your jumper. I think I have this book, the date thing looks familiar, like Vogue through the ages sort of thing? Looks like you’re haviong a ball, don’t get too carried away in Mood et al!

  2. So glad to hear about the nice weather and the good time you’re having in NY. Your sweater is certainly a great pick for these surprisingly mild days. You look great! Now I’m curious about this inscription on top of the Washington arch…

    1. Could you not read it Hélène? It says “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair – the event is in the hands of God”: Washington.

  3. To lengthen, simply clip a stitch just above the ribbing at the bottom, carefully unpick around the row and then begin knitting again going the opposite direction. no one will EVER know, and it couldn’t be easier!

    1. Yes, I have done this Bette, but on this jumper the pockets would finish up being too high if I did this. Having worn it a few times, I might just leave well enough alone 🙂

  4. I notice you left the cabled cuff thingies on the sleeves, I think that was a good choice. Can’t tell about the side seam pocket effect as you either have your hands in the pockets or they’re not visible in the photo! It looks nice an warm to be wearing in New York (and Iceland too I guess)

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