Top to skirt refashion

As part of the Repurpose, Reuse, and Refashion month I thought I would dig around in the Tom and Bridgette reject basket and see what I could come up with to play with. I found this top of Bridgette’s and thought it might make a nice skirt. I really like the caramel coloured band at the bottom of the front – the back is plain.


I set about cutting it up without trying it on – this was a bit of a mistake as the bottom of it has a very top like shape. Anyway, I cut it into a few component parts. First of all I cut off the bodice from under the arms.


then I needed a skirt yoke so I cut a rectangle out of the top of the bodice and a rectangle from the back. The back had a split secured by a button and loop. I cut below the button but got a bit of the split.


This is what I was left with


Two white sleeves (now not quite white because the black body has obviously discoloured them) and a bit of the neckline.

This is how it finished up – the front – ok, but the shaping of that caramel band bothers me a little, and I had to run in the bottom at the sides as it flared out. It dips in the front and I might need to reshape the top of the skirt where it joins the waistband. Of course it will make the skirt a bit shorter…


and the back.



For some reason I didn’t photograph the yoke. I had to sew up the split because it gaped unattractively and I repositioned the button and loop at the top – no reason, just because I could.

Details: Cotton On top refashioned to a skirt teamed with my Bronte top


5 thoughts on “Top to skirt refashion

  1. I think it looks great ! Much better as a skirt that a blouse. I love to refashion, I am using the UGLIEST dress ever made to make a maxi skirt. It is so ugly the lady at the thrift shop ask me what in the world was I going to do with that !!

    1. I think that’s part of the deal – turning less than attractive things into attractive things. I’m not very good at seeing that sort of potential. I would love to see the before and after photos!

  2. This looks fabulous! I love the colour combination, I’m glad you kept the bottom band. I quite like the dip in the front, it’s a nice design feature, I’d leave it. Thanks for participating in Repurpose Reuse Refashion, here’s to giving new life to forgotten pieces.

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