Blue White Russian

Having made the pink White Russian, I immediately wanted to make another one. I had a piece of lovely blue knit fabric in my stash that my friend Thelma donated to me last year. I’ve been really keen to make this fabric into something, but it was too small to make anything appropriate until I looked at the leftover fabric from my memory dress and realised that it was a pretty good match. Enter the blue White Russian!


So the sleeves and hem band are from the merino knit and the rest seems to be a cotton textured knit.


I do love this pattern. This time I just whipped 3 inches off the hem band and stretched it onto the body of the top. This worked well. I also felt that the neck band was a bit long, so unpicked it all and took an inch off and the neck sits so much better. It may have been the amount of stretch that made it sit badly.

So this is a perfect weekend top. I can go to the shops in it and not feel like a complete scruff, I can walk round the neighbourhood with head held high, and of course it will be perfect for glamping purposes.

I see more of these tops in my future!

Finally, a shot proving that I have worn it shopping. Here I am in Heaven Wrapped with Gabrielle, and she is modelling a scarf that I refashioned into a Coco for her. I am also wearing one of these scarves that she gave to me.

photo 4

The details: Pattern is the White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns. Fabric is a piece of textured cotton donated by Thelma and paired with leftover Merino knit. Gabrielle wears a Coco top made from a scarf from Heaven Wrapped, Old Theatre Lane, Claremont.


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  1. Sue, you’re on fire at the moment! I love this. Depending on how stretchy your fabric is, yes, you may have to alter the length of some of the bands to get them to sit how you want. I love the textured knit – that’s totally what I had in mind when I made this pattern. Another great job, thanks!

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