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The first flanno*

When I was busy churning out shirts for my husband and sons over the summer, they put in an order for flannos (Australian slang for flannel shirts) and this is the first. It is my usual KwikSew 3422, nothing changed, just endless pattern matching. If I say so myself, I did a great job of […]

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White shirt

During the February Stashbust Sewalong, which was about sewing for loved ones, Archie requested that I make him black and white shirts. I made the black one, and here is the white one! He thought the sleeves were a bit long and I couldn’t be bothered making them shorter, so I rolled them up. I […]

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Archie, family sewing, Op shopping

Black shirt

I made this shirt for Archie whilst still in the month of February – sewing for those you love, in Stashbuster Sewalong land. I have finally captured him wearing it, albeit with the usual photographic reluctance on his part. It is Kwik Sew 3422, this time with short sleeves. The only changes I made were […]

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Double stashbust

I’ve had a few emails about my alphabet series (oh, ok, 2!)  and the use of lovely words such as “xenium” and could I do a bit more of that please? Given that I don’t have a new theme and I’ve done the abecedarian thing (good huh? It means arranged in alphabetical order, but also […]

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B is for blue boardshorts

A few months ago I visited the Bentley TAFE design shop (of interest to anyone from Perth) and bought, among other things, this Jersey Lomellina which I thought would be perfect for making some summer exercise clothes. I happened to google Jersey Lomellina to see what it was – it’s a company which manufactures high […]

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Tie-dyed Tom

I bought this fabric for Archie in Potter’s sale last year, but he seemed ambivalent about it when I got home so it has languished in the cupboard ever since. Anyway, I offered it to Tom and he accepted with alacrity, and I have to say it came up pretty well. I am not sure […]

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Floral boardies

I am off to Sydney next month on holiday – a week of unfettered fabric shopping 😉 – and asked Archie to look at the fabrics in Tessuti and pick something. Ummm, he picked this fabric – floral swimsuit material for me to turn into boardies! Really? Are you sure? I seem to ask these […]

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City shirt

I made a shirt for Tom from some fabric which has a city skyline on it.    I bought the fabric at Potter’s last year, and really had no idea what to do with it. There were two remnants and I had given one to Bridgette, Tom’s girlfriend. In order to make the shirt I […]

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Surf’s up

Back in the ’60s I was a surfer girl (also known as a gidget) and remember when board shorts first appeared – they were really expensive and so I set about making them both for me and for my boyfriend of the day (matching ones!) from a pattern which I fashioned together from some Burda […]

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Been quiet on the western front!

So, yes, I haven’t blogged for a week (!), but I have been uber busy. I’ve been catching up on work (for which I am recompensed, so need to do it!), but I’ve also had quite a few projects on the go, all of which needed things to be bought so they could be finished (zips, […]

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