Been quiet on the western front!

So, yes, I haven’t blogged for a week (!), but I have been uber busy. I’ve been catching up on work (for which I am recompensed, so need to do it!), but I’ve also had quite a few projects on the go, all of which needed things to be bought so they could be finished (zips, buttons, etc). Anyway, the planets are finally aligning and I have new things to show (and not show, such as four pairs of tracksuit pants for my menfolk). First cab off the rank for the blogosphere is a hoodie for me.

I used Vogue 8854 and some polar fleece fabric I bought in Spotlight (whilst buying aforementioned zips and buttons!).



Whilst I adore the vaguely Scandinavian/snow bunny feel of the fabric, I did not adore the pattern matching! I seem to get everything lined up and then the gremlins get in and push it all out by a smidge. Anyway, I managed it to my satisfaction eventually and am now pretty pleased the result, especially where the sleeves join – so tricky.


The pattern has got a single pocket over the front middle – right where I don’t want any bulgy bits! So I changed this and added pockets either side. This gives me the opportunity to keep my hands warm, but also to store my phone and money without looking too bulky. I even matched the pattern on the pockets – pretty smug here, folks!


I am pointing out the join with my quick unpick because it was used so frequently in the making of this garment.




I did manage a bit of stashbusting on this top – the button!

On the Global Corporate Challenge front, I am not going to put in all my steps (too boring for all of us). However, I do have a couple of new trophies to brag about report on:

My one million steps trophy million steps

and a trophy for getting 100,000 steps in the mini-challenge (100,000 steps in 7 days). Phh, so easy! centurion (1)

Current average is 23,582, so not a lot of movement there.

OK, off to finish the next article for next blog. Laters!




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