Extreme sports

Believe it or not, I used to be into fairly extreme sports. These activities included things such as rock climbing and abseiling, caving, scubadiving (not overly extreme, but worth listing), barefoot waterskiing, and aerobatics (I did this whilst pregnant with Tom and he believes that it explains a lot about him!), and yes I do have a pilot’s license. These days I have turned into a staid old person – to my sons’ disgust – and my new extreme sport is… packing!

Yes readers, when I travel I insist on taking a case not much bigger than a lunch box and then I spend the whole time panicking getting my adrenalin rush from thinking about  how I am going to get everything home. I have just returned from a trip to Ballarat and had a couple of happy hours in Melbourne, shopping. I can do a lot of damage in a couple of hours! This is how my suitcase looked at the end of the first hour.


Note that I put everything in space bags, and the bag in the lid is full of fabric (and please note the Missoni fabric sitting right there!). There is a lot of stuff in this bag. Unfortunately, I went out again and did a tad more damage. There was no room left in the suitcase, but I always pack an overflow bag. Here is the reworked version of my packing as I left Ballarat today.


Unfortunately I got this enormous gift box after my talk, which was fabulous, but which did push the packing into the extreme sport category! Sadly, I had to leave the wine behind as I refuse to check my luggage into the hold.

Anyway, home safe and sound. What you can’t see are some of the fabulous vintage patterns that I found in Melbourne. I am quite excited by these and hope to be showing a couple of new outfits fairly soon.

GCC has been a bit of a disaster – hard to do 20,000 steps when one is in a conference all day and dining all night, but here goes:

Tuesday: 21,376 (and this was after being on a plane half the day – amazing what a couple of hours shopping will achieve!)

Wednesday: 20,546

Thursday: 21,031

Friday: Not yet logged, but I am going to pull the travel card!

Average: 23,633


5 thoughts on “Extreme sports

  1. Wow you are indeed into extreme sports. I am in awe – how fantastic! And yes, I am extremely envious of your fabric shopping opportunity in Melbourne.

  2. That’s an extreme sport I would LOVE to participate in too… so fantastic that you got to spend time fabric shopping in Melbourne! I must confess that is my very favourite activity to do there too 😀 I’m always checking out Melbourne conference opportunities… purely for the career/educational benefit of course, ahem.

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