Sunday stashbust

I came home from Fiji determined to get into my cupboard and make things! What to make though? When in doubt, I make things for the three men in my life, so I started on a pair of tracksuit pants for Tom. Making these is a bit of a mindless activity, which left me some headspace to think about the keynote and panel presentations I have to give in Ballarat next week. DSC04265-16

Tom asked for a drawstring so they don’t fall down when he’s at the gym, and mad pockets, so I went with the chevron fabric I used before and inserted the drawstring with the elastic. I used Kwik Sew 3663 – I can almost make these in my sleep!


One lot of fabric stashbusted, one presentation sorted. Then I decided to make Mark a fleece shirt. He resists every attempt to buy him a fleece, not sure why, so  a couple of months ago I made him a shirt out of fleece fabric, and thought it was time to make him another.


It’s pretty hard to see because it’s black. I used Kwik Sew 3422, another pattern that I have made multiple times.


Because the fabric is so thick, I thought I would face the collar and cuffs with some fabric chosen by Tom for pockets – it’s a Halloween themed fabric – skeletons with pumpkins!


Plenty left for Tom’s pockets, and Mark really liked it.


I thought I might share a couple of photos from Fiji (not of me thankfully!). These gorgeous girls danced for us, and their dresses are made of Tapa, which is fabric made from the bark of Mulberry trees. The women beat the bark and then decorate it. It is totally eco-friendly and I wish I could have found some to buy, although I would have no idea what to do with it!


I was also very taken with the way they decorate their pillars – beautifully wrapped in palm leaves. We have loads of these in our garden and I can’t imagine being able to create something this lovely with one.


I am shortly off to cut out another pair of tracksuit pants, for Mark this time, so I can rehearse my presentation. I will also be keeping a weather eye on Masterchef!

GCC: Been a bit difficult with the long flights and lots of sitting around in a talkfest, but I did manage to get some steps done:

Thursday: 20, 124

Friday: travelling

Saturday: 28,347

Average: 23,689




5 thoughts on “Sunday stashbust

  1. I am so impressed with the energy you have and what you manage to fit into your day! Mark’s shirt looks lovely and very warm – I am sure he loves it now.

  2. wow yve been busy! wen u need new fabric potters is opening in 2 weeks. look out for email bcf something. they dont hav the room for rolls of fabric up but hanging samples (can buy wholesale stuff too apparently & still do remnants so thats good news! your sewing looks fabulous!
    ps textile traders hav 50% off all fabrics till saturday!

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