Betty Boop revisited in Fiji

Well here I am in Fiji and I think I have managed to pull every muscle in my body! Not sure how; was it the 18 hours it took me to get here, door to door? Anyway, I have managed to wear my new swimsuit (the Betty Boop one), and it is so much better with the elastic tightened. A quick view here:




Note the weather – I did get my feet in the pool, but bathers still haven’t been dunked.

I’ve been pretty busy, but did manage to get a couple of photos – the rising sun breaking through the clouds over Lake Eyre – took my breath away (the photo doesn’t do it justice)


GCC: I only did 5,506 steps yesterday (!), but think I will pull the travelling card. This will decimate my averages…


2 thoughts on “Betty Boop revisited in Fiji

  1. I see no one else is around the pool – which might be telling you something but the swimsuit looks great! Archie will love your sunset.

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