Another Lisbon hack

I was just thinking that I have hacked the Itch-to-Stitch Lisbon cardigan three times now (here and here for the previous hacks) but only made it straight from the pattern once! I shall remedy that situation eventually as it is a fabulous pattern.

I made such minor changes to this one that it possibly can’t even be called a hack. I bought this fabric from Potters Textiles Outlet Shop years ago and it is some sort of mesh. It isn’t a natural fibre so I was reluctant to make it up but eventually thought it would be useful as a little cardigan for those days where I wasn’t sure about the weather. Today is such a day, sunny but a little bit cool.


I really wanted to make a full blown Lisbon but didn’t have enough fabric, so I cut down the front piece so that the cardigan no longer closes (a bit like the Blackwood Cardigan) and did a sewn on band. DSC00332

The band round the bottom is really small and made from scraps. The sleeves finished up an odd length so I added long cuffs to make them full length.DSC00333

I forgot to take a photo of the few shreds of fabric I had left, but it was really minimal and I had no compunction about throwing it away (except that it’s synthetic so it will stay in landfill forever – sorry world!)


Pattern matching was basically impossible as I didn’t have enough fabric, but I almost got the sleeves to match, which I always think is important.

Although I love this little cardi with all black, I tried it out with my culottes made from my A-line skirt block and gorgeous fabric which Megan (meggipeg) gave me for looking after her dog, and a lace top made from a 50 cent remnant from an op shop and didn’t mind it at all. It will also look great over a black dress, if I ever make one!


Black trousers are copied from an old, dead, pair of Visage pants and are made from  bengaline. Black t-shirt was made from my t-shirt block and is in constant rotation, but I’ve never bothered blogging it.

This was the perfect outfit to wear for a coffee catchup with Carolyn and Megan, where we talked sewing and other things for a considerable time!


10 thoughts on “Another Lisbon hack

  1. Obviously, this is one of your best TNT patterns, Sue, and I love this version – too bad this kind of graphic print usually comes in polyester fabrics, but at least you used it up to the last bit. How fun it must have been to go out for a coffee with Meg and Carolyn. May I join you next time? 😉

  2. Good use of available fabric. I think we all have some synthetics in stash that we would rather not but better they are used productively than wasted. It’s always good to have very little scrap left whatever the fabric.
    Enjoy your cardigan – it’s lovely 😃.

  3. Such a stylish fabric! I love the print and texture of it. Nice to have squeeze a useful little cardi out of your stash.

  4. I’m impressed with how each of your versions of the Lisbon is so different. Also, this one is so versatile, it looks like it would go with teal or blue colors too.

  5. I love this Lisbon hack Sue. It looks good at the shorter length and I like how it looks it with your culottes…great proportions. You did well getting it out of such a small piece of fabric too!

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