Lisbon cardi hack

Since being named by Pattern Review as one of the best patterns of 2016, the Itch to Stitch Lisbon Cardigan pops up everywhere and I’ve made a couple myself. So imagine my joy when I turned up to my patternmaking class and Sarah suggested that we hack the pattern!

The inspiration was this IVKO shawl collar jacket.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 8.12.37 pm

We immediately set about toiling the redesign using some really loose ribbed knit from Textile Traders, which isn’t nearly as interesting as the original fabric, but which would provide a POC (proof of concept*).


The pattern was reworked with a v-neck and the shawl collar was created with a large rectangle.


The lovely thing about this cardi is that the neck can be fastened high on the neck for cold weather, opened up slightly, or opened completely. DSC09081

We had to reinforce the edges with braid as the fabric is really flimsy. I was going to put snaps down the front, but when I tested them on a sample piece of fabric, they pulled straight through, even with the braid strengthening the fabric. I have therefore used press studs. I am wondering whether a separating zip would work with heavier fabric to make it a bit more jacket like?

As this was a toile, I don’t think Sarah expected me to adopt it, but I immediately wanted it.


It is a perfect trans-seasonal cardigan and I can’t wait to make another one. I am now commencing a world wide search for the perfect knit fabric. Styled here with my original ill-fitting, but still worn frequently, Jamie Jeans, a yellow bamboo knit tee (unblogged) and Natural Comfort mesh shoes.

In other news I am going to participate in Me Made May 2017. This will be my fourth year doing this challenge. My pledge this year is “I, Sue (, @suestoney) sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. For the duration of May 2017 I will only wear clothes made by me”. I have to say that I only wear clothes made by me all year round, so I don’t expect this to be too onerous! I would like to add no repeats but I shall be travelling so will probably be posting identical outfits on many days.

* I just need to tell you a funny story about POC. When I was working I dealt with IT companies – a lot! I used to get very exercised by their use of acronyms and frequently lost the will to live during their presentations. Anyway, one day I sat through about 20 minutes of a long discussion about a “POC” , and finally asked the question “so tell me, what the devil is a POC”. I got a look. I returned the look. Then the salesman told me that at his last presentation someone had asked the same question and when told “proof of concept”, returned with, “funny, I thought it meant piece of crap!”. I always wish that had been my line!


33 thoughts on “Lisbon cardi hack

  1. Nice hack and I like the fabric look.
    Did you manage to get your third pair of Jamie jeans made and if so how did they turn out?

  2. Nice pattern– love the collar! It’s odd–I knit, so I have never sewn with a sweater knit. Sometimes I think I should just to see what it’s like.

  3. What a great cardigan and such a useful style. I am sure you will get lots of wear out of it. I always admire your ability to think outside the box and take designs that step further. Such an inspiration. That story about POC is hilarious. I so understand your feelings.

  4. I like it! Funny, POC in my part of the world stands for Point of Contact. I like your story better though, haha!

  5. Oh, these acronyms can be hell! As French is my first language, I always check English acronyms online in the Urban Dictionary and I’ve learned that POC also stands for People of Colour. More importantly, I’m glad that this pattern was ranked among the best of 2016 since this designer is very talented.

  6. You are always so creative Sue. Great job on the cardi. Loved your joke about the acronym. I struggle with these at work, and half the time I have no idea what they are talking about at head office with their over use of acronyms. Looking forward to following you during Me Made May.

  7. He he, it is all about abbreviations in IT, you’re right 🙂 The piece you made is a great poc, the collar looks great! I’m looking forward to your next version and I hope you’ll find a knit fabric just as gorgeous as the one of your inspirational jacket! Or you could knit the fabric yourself 😉

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