Raincoat version 2

Stellar title for this post folks so clearly I have run out of inspiration (only for titles, not for my sewing – luckily!).

I totally love my red raincoat, but noticed a few little things that could be improved, namely, a more substantial stormflap with something to stop it blowing up, and a better hood fastening. The red raincoat was really only supposed to be a toile of the pattern I drafted at my patternmaking class, but I have worn it at every opportunity so knew that a new one would be equally as useful. I bought the fabric for this one at Misan Textiles in Berwick Street, London. It’s the only place where I have found truly waterproof fabric that wasn’t plasticised or coated in some way, but the price was eyewatering. Having said that, I can’t remember exactly what it cost, which reminds me of my lovely Dad who always used to say that you remember the quality long after you’ve forgotten the price. No wonder I always buy expensive things! In the photo below I am outside the shop with the bag containing the fabric in my hand and wearing the red raincoat.


And here I am wearing my new, improved, raincoat standing under a magnificent Magnolia tree in Vancouver. Note the beanie and gloves – yes, it was a bit nippy!


I thought I’d take some shots of the inside, so imagine my joy when I got back to our apartment and found a Magnolia petal inside the hood; I had obviously been carrying it about with me all day!25F9A7E9-3291-4CD8-AB94-21FB9954F40B

As to the lining, it is some pure wool that I bought in an op shop at least a year or so ago. I got 3metres for $3 and at the time figured it was some sort of upholstery fabric as it was rather stiff. I washed it and it went really soft. I have been desperate to use this fabric for something so was thrilled when it went so well with the outer fabric, and the good news is that I enough left over to make myself some trousers should I wish to be matching. CAC4C82E-7B48-465C-87A8-632A80DA5505

The sleeves are lined with a really well coordinating green silk that I acquired from Sarah’s stash, and the silk really makes a difference when slipping in and out of the coat.

I also put more snaps on the back vents as I found they blew up in strong winds.


I note that the colour of the fabric varies in every photo. It is quite a dark green grey, rather luscious really.

I was a bit concerned that I would drag this coat halfway round the world and not take it out of my suitcase, but Vancouver hasn’t let me down, providing enough precipitation to justify a raincoat. I can also report that the coat is both warm and totally waterproof. Result!

Here I am at the steam clock in Gastown, surreptitiously warming my legs on the steam.


The back view of the raincoat showing the hood and bigger storm flap, which I anchored under the arms with snaps. I am walking through the very beautiful Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. Such a glorious place for relaxation and reflection. I took a gazillion photos of the gardens, but I shall spare you (perhaps). 2B550CF8-6260-4381-A7FA-E9AA53170815

And a rather funny photo of Mark, also wearing clothes made by me, demonstrating the width of the skinniest office building in the world (allegedly). 6A65EBE9-5C46-49C4-A09C-0E2620DAE9BC

Another shot in the Chinese Garden with a stunning camelia. I have one of these in my garden but it doesn’t look like this.


My slouchy beanie is the Intuitive by Julia Zahle and is a free download on Ravelry. It is the perfect beanie for this weather and I like the fact that it can be slouchy or turned up for a more fitted look. The fingerless gloves were also knitted by me and they have proper fingers in them. You can find a similar pattern here. The trousers are grey ponte and I realise that I have never blogged them as I made them so long ago. They are in the style of jeggings and I basically took a jeans pattern, graded it down a couple of sizes and made the legs as fitted as I could. I have included all the elements of the jeans, including the coin pocket and belt loops, but gave them a faux fly. I might get round to taking some photos, although they are almost worn out now.

My shoes are by Birkenstock and are the only things I am wearing that were not made by me. This is particularly appropriate today, which is Day 1 for Fashion Revolution Week, which commemorates the Rana Plaza Factory collapse. It is the day when we ask “who made my clothes” and I am happy to report that “I made my clothes”. Having said that, I am careful about where my fabric comes from, and I am also quite fussy about the provenance of my shoes. I did buy a bag today (another one!), but it was made right here in Canada, on Gabriola Island to be precise, and I bought it from the maker, so my conscience is clear on that one!


33 thoughts on “Raincoat version 2

  1. There have been a few breaks in the rain clouds, but yikes the wind is still cold. I think that your coat is great. I am glad that Vancouver has not disappointed. Are you here long?

  2. This rain coat looks so professional and expensive, I imagine it is perfect for sight seeing or everything else for that matter. As usual I am pretty impressed with your design and sewing skills! And thanks once again for showing us round 🙂

    1. Haha, My Dad’s philosophy has probably sent me broke, and both my kids have it now, too! Sadly he left us in 2014 aged 99 and I miss him every day.

  3. Lovely, as usual! I’m envious of all your travels though. If you ever get to Phoenix, you’ll have to let me know so we can get together. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Glad Vancouver didn’t disappoint – good to get a chance to wear your lovely raincoat to cheer you on a wet day.
    I’m impressed that you’re wearing all your own makes – it’s a great state to reach.

  5. The raincoat is fabulous and you will find it extremely useful particularly here on the ‘wet’ coast. We have had so much rain that if you are here any length of time the raincoat might get worn out!! Look forward to seeing all your makes for Fashion Revolution week. Enjoy your time here in Canada.

  6. There is amazing construction in that raincoat, both inside and out! I love that it is lined with wool, which is brilliant for warmth, and your colour matching of fabrics looks great. Sue, I’m wondering how much room the raincoat takes up in your suitcase?

    1. Thank you Jean, we are having a lovely time and that raincoat is being worn a lot! Not that it’s really raining but it’s pretty chilly and the fabric does stop the wind.

  7. 1) What a fabulous coat you made for yourself! Perfect inside and out.
    2) I think I would have loved your dad. His wisdom speaks to me.
    3) Love your photos. Flowers everywhere!
    4) Thanks for the links to your beanie and gloves patterns.
    5) Can’t wait to meet you both in Montréal!

    1. You would definitely have loved my dad, he had all his mental faculties until the day he died, and he made such an impact on my life. Thank you for the kind comments and the countdown to our meeting up is on!!

  8. Did you get to Dressew yet?

    Funny to see you here In my city. Sorry about the weather usually better by now!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. I did get to Dressew Liana and was really impressed with their range of fabrics and habi. No problems with the weather as I knew it would be chilly.

  9. Beautiful rain coat and the fabric sounds perfect as does the lining. You are having a wonderful time and love seeing all the photos.

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