OWOP day 7 and roundup


Today is the last day of One Week One Pattern and I have enjoyed the challenge. I might have enjoyed it more had I not challenged myself to two patterns, but oh well!

Today I’m wearing a new White Russian, which can’t really be described as it is multi-coloured and I stupidly decided to embellish it with zips. Still, you can’t know unless you try, right?DSC00568

This was a real stashbust. I had this multicoloured cotton knit that I bought on sale and decided that I needed/wanted some contrast to break it up. I fossicked in the waste bag and came up with this blue fabric that is actually the wrong side of some blue and white stripe which I used for a Coco and a dress.

I also decided, for some reason that I wanted zips and didn’t have any the right colour, so used the wrong colour and “covered” them with strips of the blue fabric.


I think this may have been ok as I wanted to tie the coloured bands into the body a bit better, but I made the strips a bit wide. I am planning to pull this all apart (tonight) and redo it.


I have been pulling stray threads off the top all day – I have no idea where they all came from as some did not seem to relate to the top, but they were gone by the time I got to work. I couldn’t make the neck sit flat, no matter how many times I took that band off, so in the end I decided that it was intended to sit up like that! As always, I prefer the back view.DSC00567

The second part of my OWOP is the Vogue 1247 skirt, and I decided at the last minute that this top went best with the camel skirt from yesterday, so pardon me for wearing a skirt two days in a row. Very poor organisation!

{update} I rushed home from work and removed the zips.


Then I decided that I liked the concept of the zips and had another go. I made them a bit straighter and a bit lower. They are only tacked on here. What do you think, shall I keep them or not?


Roundup of the week’s outfits for OWOP:


Day One OWOP


Day two OWOP


Day Three OWOP


Day Four OWOP


Day Five OWOP


Day Six OWOP


Day Seven, OWOP

Incidentally, I inadvertently wore a third pattern all week – the Indigorchid t-shirt undies. I won’t bore you with photos but I wore them all once and a couple of them twice. Quite pleased with the over achieving :)

Recycled Vogue 1247


My friend Thelma gave me this lovely camel coloured stretch fabric when she made her donation to my stash last year. I saw it as a coat and made it into this vintage jacket.

Weigel's beach coat

Unfortunately it was a disaster! It was too stiff. I unpicked the whole thing and tucked it away. Then Repurpose, Reuse and Refashion month happened and I dragged it out again.


Given that it wasn’t suitable for a jacket, I thought I would make it into my old fave – Vogue 1247.

With some careful cutting out it worked a treat


You’ll note that I had to put a band round the bottom to give it a bit of length.


I had a lot of trouble with the zip and finished up not using an invisible zip, but sewing in a lapped one.DSC00548So, this is what I wore for One Week One Pattern, Day 6 together with my Black White Russian.DSC00558

The details: Skirt is Vogue 1247 made from some fabric gifted to me and reworked from a jacket. Top is the Black White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns. Shoes are vintage 1970s Zanin, bought new from Circa Vintage (they are the most dreamily comfortable shoes), and the necklace is Blue Scarab from Heaven Wrapped.

White White Russian


Ever since making my first White Russian I have been wanting to make a white one. For no reason except I liked the concept of a white White Russian!  DSC00542

Having made it, I wasn’t certain that I liked it. It was rather… white!


Excuse the pose here, I was watching some parrots go mad in the tree.

I love winter white, but I feel like a snowman in this, and my floor looked as though it had been snowing when I was making it. Anyway, I definitely prefer the back view!DSC00539

This is day 5 of One Week One Pattern and given that I pledged two patterns, here is the White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns teamed with my black skirt – Vogue 1247 DSC00545Yes, I look ridiculous trying to fit my hands in the pockets, but I can sometimes get them in if I haven’t eaten too much cake!

The details: White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns made from some bobbly fabric I bought at Fabulous Fabrics, and Vogue 1247 in black cotton from Tessuti Fabrics. Shoes are Arche and the necklace was brought back from Murano by Tom and Bridgette.


Knitted White Russian: OWOP Day 4


A few days ago I recklessly tweeted that I was going to make my own fabric for a White Russian. I have a few many large cones of yarn with almost no prospect of getting them knitted into anything useful and I thought I’d knit one of my three cones of chenille on the knitting machine and then use cut and sew techniques to make the top. I have never done this before, so was quite excited at the prospect.

Then I lost my knitting mojo. Nothing worked for about two hours. Went for a walk. Knitting mojo returned – phew, minor embarrassment avoided.

I spent some time knitting gauge swatches and generally faffing around and then I just cast on and knitted until I had a catastrophe and it all fell off the needles. I declared this to be the first piece of fabric! I wasn’t sure whether it would unravel so I overlocked the edge.


I laid the pieces out and knitted more pieces for the sleeves and bands attempting to guess the length (which is why we knit a gauge swatch!). Amazingly I had very little wastage. DSC00513

I promptly sewed it all up using just the overlocker. (note to self, tidy up area before taking photographs!)

So am I pleased with the result? Hmm, it’s a bit so so.



The hem band was too long and was unattractively baggy when joined to the body. This yarn has no stretch and recovery whatsoever so I didn’t bother knitting ribbed bands but this might have been a mistake. In the end I gingerly unpicked part of the hem band, threaded elastic through and resewed, darning all the little runs that suddenly appeared in my knitting! This resolved this problem but I’m not sure I’m in love with it.


The chenille is quite firm so it felt a bit like I was wearing a carpet. I washed the top fairly strenuously and it has helped a bit, and it will be interesting to see whether it softens over time.


When I pulled out the cone of chenille I hadn’t realised that it was variegated. It was only as I knitted that I could see the different shadings becoming evident. I have another enormous cone of brown chenille which looks quite dull, but it may knit up the same way. The jury is out on whether I will knit it into a garment or just make a throw rug or dog blanket or something. The yarn launders brilliantly so it will be very easy care, and frankly, this top is a bit casual for wearing to work (even though I did), but it will be perfect for camping.

The details: Pattern is Capital Chic White Russian made from machine knitted chenille. Worn with Vogue 1247 tweed skirt and Enrico Antinori shoes from Zomp. I accessorised with Keshi pearl necklace from Heaven Wrapped, Claremont, and Samantha Wills ring which was a gift from my friend Tania.


OWOP* day 1


*For the uninitiated OWOP stands for One Week One Pattern which is a challenge whereby the challengee (me) has to wear a garment a day made from the one pattern. I had a great deal of trouble choosing my pattern – would I go Vogue 1247, of which I have six, or would I go Capital Chic White Russian, four of which currently hang around in my wardrobe? In the end, of course, I decided to do both :).

Day one, being a Saturday, I wore a previously unblogged version of the skirt


It is made from leftover fabric from these trousers of Mark’s.


I am wearing it with my blue White Russian, so have ticked the box for the challenge on day one, only six days to go.

I was busy taking a photo of the back view when I was suddenly distracted by a weed – this is the result…



A large expanse of blue behind! It made me laugh and I thought you might get a giggle from it too. I note that the invisible zip isn’t invisible (mind you, it is stretched rather tight :). Oh well.

Details: Vogue 1247 skirt in a blue/grey linen that Mark brought back from Sri Lanka. The top is Capital Chic White Russian.  Necklace was given to me by Bridgette and Tom and the boots are Hispanitas. DSC00509

More trousers for Mark


I have made Kwik Sew 3663 for Mark so often, that I think I could make these trousers in my sleep. They are really supposed to be for working around the house but since Mark brought me home all this wonderful fabric from Sri Lanka, I have been making him a slightly more tailored version.

These trousers are made from a heavy cotton in a lovely blue/grey colour.


We were just heading out for a casual dinner with friends and I managed to get a quick pic of him. He’s so well trained that he even did a twirl for me!


DSC00498The rugby top is Stretch N Sew 1758 blogged here.

rugby top pattern

Mark loves rugby tops and I have to create the stripes manually and piece them together. It is the perfect top to go over these trousers.

Mark trouser pattern

Now that Mark is wearing these trousers outside the house I am modifying the pattern slightly to make them look a bit more like trousers and less like tracksuit pants. I have made him two more pairs and added a faux fly. They still have an elasticised waist but I am working on that as well. More of this in the next trouser post.






More t-shirt refashions


This was my last hurrah in the repurpose, reuse, refashion month – I took 3 t-shirts and made 4 pairs of undies.

While having an idle wander around the internet I came across this free pattern from indigorchid and thought I’d give it a go. I started with this t-shirt which Bridgette had thrown out and I’d retrieved and, given that it was 100% cotton and just big enough, I thought it would make a perfect candidate for testing the undies pattern.


and here are the resultant undies. I used picot elastic from my mother’s stash and they are very comfy, so I immediately set about making more.


Number two undies came from the leftovers from my ruched dress. Here you can see I was testing one of the pattern pieces on the sleeve.DSC00487

For these undies I modified the indigorchid pattern and wanted to test it. Instead of having a side seam, I have inserted a panel. I did this because the t-shirt for my next refashion was too small to fit the whole width of the pattern. I also decided to test the elasticator in my new overlocker, but I really need to turn the elastic over and finish it off nicely.DSC00495

Versions three and four came from the same t-shirt. This was a Paul Franke t-shirt that I bought for 50c in an op shop for the daughter of a friend who was a real fan. For some reason I didn’t hand the t-shirt over, and the moment passed. In fact, said daughter is now in her 20s, so this t-shirt kicked around in my house for years while I considered what to do with it. I couldn’t bear to throw it out because the cotton knit was really soft and of very high quality, and it was made in England – how often do you see that? DSC00488

Unfortunately, the over printing was slightly age inappropriate for me – this is the front


and this is the back.DSC00490

I felt that the t-shirt was ripe for a refashion and it screamed undies at me. The back became one pairDSC00492

and the front another. In the end I didn’t use my modified pattern, and included a bit of the sleeves in the front and back. If you look carefully at the right hand side of the photo above you can see this.DSC00499

I used fold over elastic that I had bought in Singapore and these undies are the most comfortable that I own. I just hope I don’t fall over or get rushed to hospital when I’m wearing them ;)

My review of the indigorchid pattern:

This pattern is free on the indigorchid website and consists of three pattern pieces. I really like the shape and size of these undies. I was a bit concerned that they would be cut too low for me, but they are perfect and pass the “wedgie” test when I wear them on a vigorous power walk.

If they were cut too low it would be simple to make the sides a little deeper. The leg size is just right and cover me well.

I didn’t inflict a photo of me wearing them on you all, but Mark did offer to take photos. Be grateful that I declined!




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