Lisbon cardigan

I made the Itch-to-Stitch Lisbon cardiganย to take away on my recent holiday, as I was aiming for layers. This is the second one that I’ve made, the first one was the one that I hacked at my pattern making class.

I think I mentioned before that this was one of the top patterns named by Pattern Review in 2016, and it really is a winner.

The weather wasn’t really conducive to wearing the cardigan but I managed it on a couple of occasions. Here in Boston at the markets teamed with my Jamie Jeans.


It also scored an outing to Mood Fabrics in NYC.


Travelling around New York, I was to be found wearing it to admire the roses in Jackson Square.


Although I wasn’t sufficiently well dressed for a visit to the magnificent Gotham Hall, but that was ok because just hanging around by those doors was enough to make me happy.


My favourite way of wearing this cardigan though, is teamed with my Ralph Pink Coco trousers as the high waist suits the cropped nature of this cardigan.


I made the cardigan from a small piece of fabric that I bought at Fabulous Fabrics in Perth. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought it as I had a scant metre, but a bit of pattern tetris and I had my cardigan with almost no wastage, so that was a win. The fabric is gorgeous and the colour palette means that I can team it with a number of my clothes.


The weather in Perth has been much more appropriate for wearing the cardigan and I’ve teamed it with a new skirt, which will be on the blog in the next few days. This is a brilliant pattern and I shall be making another one, perhaps the longer line version, quite soon.



34 thoughts on “Lisbon cardigan

  1. This is a fab cardigan. I love the print it is so unusual but with so many colours as you mentioned it’s great to co-ordinate with lots of things. I have really enjoyed reading about your travel btw and have been interested in how you adapted your me-made wardrobe to so many different weather conditions and locations. Such beautiful photos too!

  2. What a super cardigan. Love the cardigan and with those Ralph Coco pants it looks wonderful on you. Loved following along with your travels as well and was so pleased you enjoyed your journey across Canada. I am biased but it is a great country.

    1. It’s really strange fabric. Not a knit, but it has some stretch. It feels a bit like suedette. Sadly I think it has polyester in it.

  3. That is a great fabric for that pattern, I really like how it turned out. And you’re right it goes with a lot, it looks great in every combination you’ve shown ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I probably have enough fabric to last several lifetimes but that won’t stop me bringing more home. It would be good to make a whole new wardrobe …..

    1. Sadly the fabric is some sort of stretch polyester bought by accident. It is rather lovely to look at though. I can recommend the Lisbon pattern.

  4. The fabric is gorgeous- I’m not surprised you couldn’t resist it. Even a scant metre! And the fact that you got this lovely jacket/ cardi out of it is amazing. What a win!

    1. I do love this cardigan, but sadly the primary composition of the fabric is polyester, which I don’t enjoy. However, I am compromising my principles for this one!

  5. I was thinking I had seen that fabric somewhere before! I don’t have any stashed, but have definitely fondled it a few times and thought about it! Did you size down on this cardigan to get it looking so fitted?

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