I love Liberty!

I’ve been posting photographs on Instagram of me wearing a couple of tops whilst on my recent holiday, so I thought it might be time to talk about them. They are both made from Liberty knit fabrics that I bought at Shaukat & Co on Old Brompton Road when I was in London with the family in early 2016.

IMG_2844The red one is a Deer & Doe Plantain with a modified neckline. I love the shape of this top, and it clearly has a bit of drape when the wind is blowing. This photo was taken during a stop at Saskatchewan on our train journey across Canada.

It also got an outing or two in Montréal.73CF83B7-182F-464A-9D65-FEAF2AD37BD8

I enjoyed wearing it shopping and sightseeing. I mentioned this shop below in a previous post on Montréal. It’s a wholesale shop that also sells to the public and is jam packed with interesting sewing accessories. I didn’t buy anything here as the shop keeper politely explained that they were too expensive!!


I also wore it in LA where it blended beautifully with these yarn bombed trees.CD6F4A36-8F9F-408D-8B30-55289E6CA9DA

I have more of this fabric as I bought the end of roll, which turned out to be quite a lot.

Then there is the second Liberty, which is from a self drafted pattern, which I’ve blogged previously. I think I should have made this a little bigger as this fabric isn’t as stretchy as the red floral knit and the top is a little, ahem, clingy.


I really like this fabric as it has elephants on it and I am very partial to elephants. I did struggle with getting the pattern placed symmetrically as I had a ridiculously small piece of fabric – as usual, sigh! Just a note that I made Mark’s outfit too. The tee-shirt is made from a piece of fabric that I dyed and which I had earmarked for myself until he asked for it.

This photograph was taken with my friend Hélène when she and her husband, Richard, took us to the Eastern Townships, Québec. I’m wearing my Liberty top with Jamie Jeans, and Hélène is wearing a Scout Tee.


…and continuing with my sewing friends theme, I wore the elephant Liberty when Pam very generously picked me up from where I was staying and took me fabric shopping in LA. We had a fabulous excursion to The Fabric Store and I finished up buying yet more Liberty knit as it is just the most delightful fabric to wear.


Pam made her top and possibly her shorts, and she bought some gorgeous fabric on our excursion.

Liberty is pretty cheap in the US. I bought some cotton voile Liberty at Mood for $20 a metre ($50+ in Australia) and the Liberty knit was $18 a metre, so it’s worth visiting just for the Liberty!




34 thoughts on “I love Liberty!

  1. I love Liberty fabric, too, and you have made so pretty tops. I have sewed Liberty knit only once of the clingy kind, too. What is the difference to the red one? I enjoy seeing your lovely journey pictures with sewing friends. Your husband is lucky you are sewing high quality garments of self dyed fabric for him!

  2. I love Liberty fabrics too – your tops look fab!
    I just received an email from Liberty today saying their AW/17 collection is now on the website – so let’s drool away at the beautiful new prints we wish we could afford to buy more of!

  3. I am making a trip to the Fabric Store today for some essential linings but I may have a quick look at the Liberty knits after seeing these 2 lovely tee shirts once again.

  4. Lovely looking Liberty tops, and the hand dyed teeshirt too. I haven’t sewn with jersey Liberty yet, but it looks wonderful and I do like the flattering shape of your self-drafted top. Twice the fun travelling in your hand made clothes 😃.

  5. Oh my gosh, how can it be less than half the price in the US. Not fair at all! Your tops look lovely and perfect for travelling as they don’t show the dirt!

  6. Ha, you’re right, that is worth a visit! I’ll be in the US in October, so I will remember your words! The fabrics of your tees are beautiful, I especially like the red one! Your tees look great and so do you 🙂

  7. Both Tops are looking great. Liberty has always beautiful fabrics. Classic and good quality. There’s is a shop in Amsterdam selling Liberty fabrics. When I’m in Amsterdam and have some time I always stop by.

  8. Both tops look great – but the red one particularly as I bought some of that fabric a little while back for £3pm in Birmingham market. I assumed I was being fed a line when the vendor said it was high end – seems he was telling the truth (this time😉). It feels gorgeous so I imagine your tops were a delight to wear.

  9. Both such gorgeous tops Sue! yes, there’s nothing quite like the beautiful clarity of those Liberty prints. I can’t believe how hard we get slugged for those, not fair!

  10. I’ll surely look for Liberty knits when I go to NYC. In Paris, I found a nice selection of Liberty wovens at Tissus Reine but they were priced at 25 Euros and up, which I found a bit expensive for my small budget.

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