Self drafted trousers and top

I’m still going with my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe and I’ve now made a pair of trousers drafted from a pair of favourite Visage trousers which are about ten years old and which are completely worn out.


These are the simplest of trousers and they fit me really well, which is why I didn’t throw them away, always thinking that I would cut them up for a pattern, which is what I did.


The back fit is pretty much perfect and they are so comfortable to wear.

I teamed them with a new top, also self-drafted in my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS.  I had put the fabric for the top in a drawer which contains all my proposed sewing for the SSW and the moths got into it. So I had to cut all around the holes, which meant that the top was shorter than I would have liked. However, as a layering piece it’s perfect.


Being interrupted by a boy!


Both pieces are in my SSW and go really well with my velvet jacket/cardigan, although it is still far too hot to wear the three together yet. In fact, it was borderline too hot to wear the top, but I soldiered on!DSC07151-2

Trousers are made from a lovely bengaline bought at Knitwit. The top is made from some beautiful merino wool bought at The Fabric Store in Sydney.


27 thoughts on “Self drafted trousers and top

  1. Red is such a great colour on you! You look fantastic on these pics. Nice to see Archie photobombing here and there. That’s cute.


  2. Reading your blog has been a total inspiration to me. I’ve now made 3 tops from the same pattern (first 3 garments, ever) and I am branching out into a second pattern. I’m a long way from trousers, I think. My parents just bought be a dressmaker’s model so it will be interesting to see what I can do with that!


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