A new travel ensemble

I was busy trying to put together a capsule wardrobe for our trip when Jenny (@joeandroxy on Instagram) offered me some magnificent ponte that she had bought as deadstock years ago from a designer who has since shut down. I measured out enough for a jacket and some trousers and returned the remainder to her, and then began laying out my pattern pieces. I wanted to make a Helens Closet Blackwood cardigan and some trousers that I rubbed off a ready to wear pair some years ago (documented here).

When I was laying out the patterns I decided that I wanted the front lapels of the cardigan to be wider, so I extended them to 25cms. I realised that if I played some pattern tetris I might also get a skirt out of the fabric. I decided that my favourite self-drafted rectangle skirt would be good.

I took some photos before I left for my trip, really to check for fit.

I made a pocket for the back of the trousers from the crotch cutouts sewn together.

I also made a pocket for the skirt from some of the bigger scraps, but forgot to take a photo and I’ve left the skirt back in the UK.

This is the sum total of my scraps. I can’t tell you how thrilled this makes me!

These three pieces became the foundation of my capsule wardrobe, and for the first time ever, I tried on everything I took, to ensure that I could wear any combination of garments, some of which I will document here.

The jacket went really well with my secret pyjamas. I was pleased to have it as it was chilly when we left Perth and when we landed in London.

I took a photo when I was waiting for the car to collect us,

and I was wearing it when I first met my new grandson and then when we went for a walk later in the day. I basically wore this outfit for more than a day.

I wore the skirt and jacket out for dinner that first evening in London and got a photo in front of the Emirates football stadium, I was probably pretty tired by this stage!

Before I left home I had decided that the trousers were too long so I had hurriedly shortened them. Here I am wearing the trousers and jacket with my new Tessuti Helga shirt.

When I blogged the Helga shirt I was actually wearing these trousers. You will also notice that the Liz Haywood zero waste satchel features prominently. I am so pleased with how well it goes with this outfit.

I was delighted to find this wonderful fabric shop in Islington, near to my step-daughter’s home. There is a whole room devoted to patterns and there is a lot of high quality fabric.

This is me on my way in, and coming out with no purchases. Who is this woman??! I’m wearing the jacket with my self drafted jeans and Stokx patterns Skater Top.

My hacked Pattern Union Cora top (aka secret pyjama top), goes really well with the trousers. I’m outside the St Pancras Hotel.

I’ve worn the trousers and jacket pretty much non-stop, including during our visit to Paris. The jacket fits perfectly under my raincoat too, although it’s hard to see it here. In the second photo I’m on the roof of the Arc de Triomphe. The scarf is the one designed and sold by Meggipeg.

I haven’t found any fabric or wool shops in Paris yet, but unfortunately I have found all the patisseries!

So far I feel as though my capsule wardrobe is working perfectly, which makes me very happy.

A few bonus photos of me in Paris.

Thank you for reading, and here I am wearing the jacket and trousers whilst sitting in a playpen entertaining Little L!


11 thoughts on “A new travel ensemble

  1. Hi Sue,
    Great combination. It looks très chic et élégant!
    Paris, my goodness, it’s been a long time, almost 40 years. I enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. The fabric district in Paris is a joy, but also very tempting. I bought my daughters wedding fabric there in 2014.It is just below Sacre-Coeur.

  3. Looking so good Sue – like someone who no longer works and enjoying life!! Call me when your back we need a catch upxxx

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