Making for baby edition 11

I made a big pile of things to take to London for my new grandson, some of which I’ve shown here, but I wanted some to be a surprise so this is a quick roundup of those makes.

First of all I had to get them to the UK. There was no way they would fit in our suitcases so my overflow bag, which is usually brought into service on the return journey, was used on the outbound journey.

Unpacking it was a bit like Christmas. I had even forgotten some of these makes.

There are lots of things made from recycled materials – my step daughter loves this, luckily!

First up is a jumper of mine that had shrunk a bit. I unpicked it completely, and reused the neckband, sewing it back on by hand. There were also a couple of moth holes to deal with …

Then there were the leggings made from a beautiful but moth eaten and stained jumper that I got from the Fibres West garage sale. I think I’ve shown the applique on the back to hide an unsightly stain.

I made another little outfit from some French terry I’ve had in my stash for ages. The patterns for both tops and bottoms came from various Ottobre magazines lent to me by Sewblooms

I also made a nappy/diaper clutch. My son insisted I make one of these, claiming they are really useful. I like the section for wet wipes (although I’d keep a damp flannel in here!), a zipped compartment and a pocket for nappies. Since these photos I’ve added two pieces of elastic in what is the negative space in the middle, which could be used for tubes, etc. Yes, I had a 50% chance of getting the fabric the right way up and I failed. Both these fabrics were tea towels in a previous life. The flap is held down with a magnetic snap.

I made a raggy quilt from some of my favourite fabrics. I now know (thanks to Wendyquilter) that these quilts are known as “quillows” as they turn into pillows.

Sorry these photos are so dark, but you get the idea.

Every year I’m going to make each grandchild a Christmas tree ornament, and this is the first for my Grandson. I cut this out on my new Cricut. The pom pom and hanging string is made from sock wool

and of course, a Christmas stocking was in order too.

I knitted a jumper for him using a pattern I bought when I went to Calico and Ivy with Petiteandsewing. I also bought the wool from them.

So nice to see him wearing it too.

Finally, some previously reported makes in use on his floor mat.

He was not put in these positions, but made his own way over to them. Isn’t he adorable?


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