Stokx Patterns Skater top

As an admirer of Lindy and her Stokx Patterns, I knew that the Skater top would be the perfect foil for the skirts I’ve made from her patterns – the Stokx Carla and Stokx Rock.

I’ve wanted to make this top since I very first saw it and it hasn’t disappointed. I love so much about it: the princess seams, and that flared peplum at the back, in particular. It has lots of options, so I’m sure I’ll be making them all.

I decided I wanted a wool one for winter and went a-hunting. I found this lovely navy wool that I bought at the Fibres West garage sale for $3.

I needed 1.8m and had about 1.2m if I was lucky, so then began the finagling! I worked out that I could fit on all the pattern pieces, but couldn’t get long sleeves. But I wanted long sleeves! So, I have some extra design features in my top, with pieced sleeves. I managed to make them symmetrical so I think they look ok.

My sister gave me pretty much the contents of her sewing room, some of which I’ve kept and the rest is being donated to the Fibres West garage sale. In amongst the bags, were two bags of knit ribbing in almost every colour. I found some ribbing that just about matched my top, so finished the end of the sleeves with a ribbed cuff. Very happy with this.

I initially styled the top with some jeans I drafted with Sarah from Workspace-fads. These are a good foil for the top. They are a gorgeous stretch cotton from Potters.

I really like the back peplum

I wore it with some new trousers which I can’t talk about yet, but it looks great with them, too.

I haven’t yet worn it with the skirts, but am planning to do that after this holiday weekend.

I really am enjoying this top, it’s light, warm and stylish. I have another one planned from some stretchy sweat shirting, which will give it a completely different look.

And finally, here is Miss G playing with the busyboard her dad made for her. Sorry about the random conversation! Her favourite thing on the board is the paint roller. These are a fabulous thing to make for anyone with grandchildren.


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