Making for baby, episode 8

Yes, I counted, although I may have missed a few!

I’ve made a couple of things recently. Weeks ago I began to crochet Germaine the gorilla from Edward’s Menagerie and then left it with one leg to finish. I did finish the leg but didn’t assemble it until just before we went to our holiday place where we were expecting the family to gather. I really made it for Tom as he loves any primates, but that didn’t last long!

It had a nice adventure before being terrorised by Miss G and her grandfather! Even the uncle got in on the act.

I also made her some overalls from gorgeous pin cord that I got as a remnant from Spotlight. The design is Sarah’s and we had fun deciding what would be necessary/useful/fun. A front pocket for a pocket friend, of course!

I used some thrifted braces for the strap hardware, which makes them fully adjustable and no buttons required. The hardware can also be recycled once the useful life of the overalls is over.

The little pocket friend is the A Sewing Life mini-Mathilda bear, which is a free pattern when you subscribe to the newsletter. The bears really are tiny and this pocket is quite deep so the bear disappeared into it. To stop this happening I made a new bear and printed the pattern at 120% to make it a perfect size.

I did overstuff it a tad and it required mending after a bit of play. I snipped some of the stitches, removed about half the stuffing and sewed it back together again. Lesson learned!

The bear was immediately adopted and the taste test undertaken! Don’t mind the tatty old rug, we had to keep the baby out of the dirt.

Of course the bear had to have an adventure in the bush too!

I made a few of the regular sized mini bears to donate for Earth Day Acts of Kindness, which is co-sponsored by Lisa from A Sewing Life. I had thought I would donate a few to a local children’s charity so began making them from both wool felt and denim (in case a child was allergic to wool)

I had made about ten when I began ringing round the charities, or checking their online donation policies. I got a very mixed reception and was basically told We will not take anything homemade” “it has to be new in original packaging” and “we would prefer money”. Hmm… I have persevered and have found a lovely mother and baby charity that will be delighted to take them. I’m also putting together something for the mothers.

I typed up a little blurb about the bears, and what they were made from and packaged them in recycled cellophane bags. By the time I got round to doing all this I only had three left as I’ve given some to local small children. I shall make more!

I’ve had so much fun, and now await the imminent birth of another grandchild so about to embark on the next round of makes. Brace yourselves for “Making for Baby episode 9 – xxx”!


4 thoughts on “Making for baby, episode 8

  1. I will only encourage you to write more Making for Baby posts! Love them all.
    Many of the inanimate beings in my abode would love to explore the Bush, but must remain content on my mountaintop.
    You introduced me to a Sewing Life’s Mathilda Bear, and just love your denim version! I downloaded the pattern and we’ll see where “mine” wander…
    P.S. My littles have the same Manhattan Toy Co. Skwish rattle/teether. It’s also great fun for older kids (ahem, adults) to toss around!

    1. Love the bear but the monkey is adorable!
      I’m so excited for you – another bub (thinking for Tom an Bridget!) – how lucky are you Grandma!!

    2. Thank you Lodi, I’m really happy to be writing baby posts too. A mountaintop sounds rather lovely to be honest. This is such a great pattern, so I hope you enjoy it. And yes, I play with that ball more than the baby!

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