Helen’s Closet in my closet

Helen’s Closet is a new to me pattern maker and I instantly loved her Blackwood Cardigan and Avery Leggings so of course, they had to be adopted.

I made the Blackwood from a quite lovely piece of fabric from Knitwit. It is a wool blend and is nubbly but not a bouclé, I don’t really know how to describe it, except to say that it’s warm.


This was the perfect cardigan to wear for coffee with a friend when we had a cool day recently. I teamed it with my self-drafted trousers and my Stockholm blouse from Atelier Scammit, previously blogged here. My pendant is skewing the blouse a bit, but Archie gave me the pendant so I tend to wear it whenever I can. There’s a lot to love about the Blackwood as evidenced by the large number that pop up in my various feeds: the various features I love are the large pockets, the length and the way it is so easy to make – the pattern comes together beautifully.


One slightly weird thing about this fabric is the line that was on the fold line and is now down the centre back. I didn’t notice it until the cardigan was made, but feel as though it just looks like a seamline.


The cardigan goes really nicely with the Avery Leggings, which is only fair given that they were designed by the same person!

I read the reviews on the leggings and most people seemed to be sizing up, so I thought I would too. Except… I forgot to! Luckily my fabric is extremely stretchy and these fit me to perfection. I made two pairs from the same fabric, with a third pair possible. I really like the fact that these actually fit my legs properly. There is no bagginess anywhere, except around the ankles because I made the view with the longer legs.

On the second pair I had a play with the coverstitching, just to make them a tiny bit more interesting. I also found that I struggled to identify the front and back so embroidered a “B” on the back, only to find that it was in fact the front! Whenever I wear these I have to pretend that it’s opposites day and relive that game that my children played.


I really wanted to coverstitch up the inside leg, but these leggings are so narrow that there was no way to get the machine in there. However, I have a cunning plan for the next pair so we shall see how that goes.


These two pairs of leggings are pretty much in constant rotation in our home gym. I thought you’d like a shot of me giving them a workout with a giant  Stolichnaya bottle behind me – compliments of one of my children!


I took them to the bush at Easter and they were fabulous for walks. Here I am admiring a giant SnottygobbleIMG_3456

I really like both of these items and you may see more of them in the future.





22 thoughts on “Helen’s Closet in my closet

  1. I have made two Blackwood cardigans and love them too. I am just thinking what other versions to make. As you say they are easy to make and look really good. I must try the leggings now.

  2. My willpower for curbing my new pattern obsession wavers more with every new Blackwood review. I’m sure I’ll be getting it one of these days, but I’m trying to at least work through some other patterns first. Yours looks great! Very cool (not literally, since you say it’s warm) fabric! I’ve noticed the leggings fitting well on a variety of leg shapes/sizes, yours included!

  3. I agree with the previous comment. I’ve been wavering on the Blackwood cardigan because I hate taping PDF patterns together. I appreciate your versions of this pattern, especially this one. So comfortable, just like secret pajamas.

  4. Fun title, Sue! Aren’t these two patterns great, both separate and altogether? Your iterations look perfect on you. This line on the back looks like a central seam and your leggings are just the perfect size. The sewing goddesses were with you!

  5. Love your entire outfit!!! The fabric for the cardigan is perfect and think your Blackwood might be my favorite yet. Your home gym looks well stocked!! 🙂

    1. Ah, the home gym, compliments of my youngest son who installed it all and then got a job in New York. So it’s mine!! I also love the fabric for the Blackwood. It was just a 2m piece at the local shop, and I bought lots of different ones, so lots of Blackwoods!

  6. The Blackwood cardigan is very smart – that nubbly boucle whatever it is certainly is the perfect fabric for this (try saying that extremely quickly!). And the Avery leggings, perfect as leggings – I think in a thicker knit and in a largersize they would look great as a slim leg pant too.

    1. Thank you! I love both these patterns and it’s possible to make the leggings into pants but I wonder how the little gusset piece would look.

  7. Ummm that sewing Goddess is ALWAYS with you! I totally love both of these pieces, and would personally get a lot of wear out of both. I read about so many apparently good leggings, but rarely see such good pics to verify. Time is my enemy atm though. As usual love your style Sue.

  8. Love the exercise clothes. I haven’t made myself any yet, but my RTW from years ago is falling apart. I hope I get around to some casual clothes, etc. this year. Thanks for showing me the pattern done up! Your cardigan is nice, and I thought that was a seam line too!

  9. That cardigan is really excellent. I don’t know the first thing about sewing and I wonder if its possible to purchase this already made.

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