Stockholm blouse and bleached skirt

Have you seen the Stockholm blouse from atelier scammit? No? Well I hadn’t either until my lovely friend, Hélène, drew my attention to it because it has bell shaped cuffs, and I declared a love for bell shaped cuffs when I made my Itch to Stitch Sirena dress.



I got myself into a bit of a state with the tracing off of this pattern as I couldn’t decide on the size. In the end I erred on the side of caution and went bigger, and dropped the bust darts and, of course, it’s a bit big and the darts are a tad low! No real biggie as I used black viscose leftover from a shirt I made for Archie and nothing shows up too badly. This fabric is gorgeous and I wish I had more.


This pattern is really easy to make, which is lucky as the instructions are in the form of a video – all in French! It has raglan sleeves and tucks along the sleeve “bells”. I suspect that the sleeves are supposed to be 3/4 length (looking at photographs of other makes), but I think that mine are longer because I went up a couple of sizes. This pleases me as I really like the cuffs at the wrist.

stockholm blouse

I enjoyed wearing the blouse loose over Style Arc Elle trousers (made yonks ago, and modified to have a back yoke), but decided that I would make some white ones for spring to go with the blouse.


I also wore it with this new skirt, tucked in at the front and hanging loose at the back.


back view


The skirt was made from a piece of very stretchy, strange black denim-like fabric that I bought in an op shop. I thought I’d use one of my self drafted skirt patterns, but the fabric  was a slightly odd shape so I had to put a faux felled seam down the back and one side had a bit of a curve. I traced part of the Named Inari dress bottom to get that curved side seam shape, and then failed to get any photos of my fabulous seam.


I put small, jeans style pockets at the front (traced from my A-line skirt block) and a pocket at the back, and then thought about distressing the black to emulate jeans. I used light sandpaper and then heavier sandpaper and made a lovely hole – luckily in a scrap. Then I thought about bleach. I wised up and practiced on a discarded pair of Archie’s jeans until I thought I had the ratio of water to bleach right and learned that bleach takes a little while to do its thing! Having done all this, Archie then asked me to repair these jeans so he could wear them on a camping trip to the outback. I did and hoped he wouldn’t notice the little light patches everywhere.

Anyway, having got my bleach/water mixture right, I set about painting my skirt with a paintbrush. I put extra bleach on the edges with a toothbrush and worked really hard on getting the skirt body even.

The elastic waist was a pain to get even, so I decided not to bother on the grounds that it would never show, and then, of course, it did show, but I decided that I didn’t mind it too much.


I did quite a poor job on the back but didn’t notice until it was too late and I didn’t want to go back and reapply the bleach as I had thrown out the mixture and didn’t know if I could replicate the ratios – poor science here! You can see the extra attention that I gave to the pocket edges. I am going to try this with my denim jeans in future.IMG_7487

In spite of a few errors,  I really like my bleached skirt. It is super comfortable and it goes brilliantly  with my new Stockholm blouse and made-by-me tights. IMG_7500




16 thoughts on “Stockholm blouse and bleached skirt

  1. I hadn’t seen this blouse in black yet and it’s awesome, Sue, especially with your new bleached skirt. What a cool look! Thanks for mentioning my suggestion, but I must confess that mine is not even finished. However, your success encourages me to bring it back to the top of my list this week-end.

    1. It’s a gorgeous pattern Hélène so thank you for enabling 😜. I think it will be perfect for spring and I look forward to more.

  2. That bleaching is awesome. Do you remember anything about the ratio of bleach/water you used? So funny about Archie’s jeans!

  3. Great outfit Sue. I hadn’t seen anyone using bleach to alter the appearance of fabric so your skirt is really interesting – and very wearable. I’m off to check out the blouse pattern company now!

  4. Love that blouse! The sleeves are so interesting…will check out that pattern (but the instructions in French?) very clever trick with the skirt. I like it.

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