A line skirt block

During one of my pattern making classes at Workspace-FADS we all decided that we needed a good A-line skirt block. Now I think that Vogue 1247 is the quintessential A-line skirt. I love the shape and the fact that the pattern is pretty easy to hack. However, I think that this one might become my new favourite skirt.


So, what can I tell you about this skirt? Well, it has perfect hand sized pockets, and my favourite part which is the scalloped hem. For some reason I’ve always wanted a skirt with a scalloped hem.


Can you see the scallop lining? It’s a gorgeous Liberty Viyella that I’ve had in my stash since I made my stepdaughter a dress from it more than 20 years ago. I am so happy to have used it up!


The skirt yoke and pockets are lined with the same Liberty fabric. Here’s a better shot of the hem. I am really pleased with my even scallops.


I am wearing a new Nettie bodysuit with it. I have been hankering after a black bodysuit for ages, and I found some viscose in my stash which was absolutely perfect. Not sure about the prissy facial expression, I think it’s because I was being rained on!


I am in the process of making matching underwear to go with the bodysuit. I have made the undies from a 1990s Knitwit pattern, but can’t show them as the leg line is so reminiscent of Olivia Newton John’s outfit in “Let’s get physical”. You know the one – right up to the hip bone. Although they are old fashioned, they are really comfortable, so I’m voting for a return of high cut undies – oh wait, I’m making them so I can do what I want :). I am playing around with drafting a bra for the set, using the book “Bare Essentials” as my guide.

Details: Skirt is self-drafted and is made from a 90¢ corduroy remnant from Spotlight. Lining is Liberty Viyella bought at the Liberty shop in Claremont, which closed down many years ago (sob!). I had a tiny scrap left and I am pleased to have used it. Black Nettie bodysuit from some black viscose bought at Knitwit and made whilst camping last weekend. I am also wearing my red Miette cardigan, and Victorian mourning necklace.



27 thoughts on “A line skirt block

    1. Thank you Stephanie. I used a cardboard template to create the scallops, and used it to draw the seam allowance around the hem. I then machined along the line very carefully, pivoting at the scallop points.


  1. You look sensational, Sue! Your red Miette is pure magic on black. You almost made me long for fall… but no, I prefer summer, even if it is hot and humid in Montréal right now.

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  2. Those scallops look so good and Liberty lined! so pretty. I can understand a hankering for a scalloped hem, and when you sew you can make what you hanker for. The whole outfit is perfect.

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  3. Love an A-Line skirt and the scallops make it cheeky. You are getting a lot of use of the Nettie bodysuit pattern and interesting about making the lingerie to match.


  4. What a brilliant idea. I do feel the need to copy it so more detail would be amazing. It just takes an ordinary A line and makes it fabulous. And I love your comment about “unfashionable” underwear. Yea!

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    1. I shall be doing a tutorial on the scalloping, Kate, so stay tuned. I’m glad you like the idea. If you want an A-line skirt without going to the trouble of making your own pattern, you could adapt Vogue 1247.

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