Free fabric Friday

No, Free fabric Friday isn’t a thing and nor am I giving fabric away (although I should). I simply used some free fabric in these two garments and I’m blogging on a Friday, and it alliterated, so it was a no brainer for a title. Sorry (not sorry)! So… the free fabric comes in the form […]

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Knitting trousers,

I have to say at the outset that the prospect of knitting trousers filled me with a certain ’70s nostalgia, as well as dread, but I really wanted to experiment with cut-and-sew, and trousers seemed to be a good choice. I let the natural roll of the knitting finish off the trouser cuffs, but might […]

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A line skirt block

During one of my pattern making classes at Workspace-FADS we all decided that we needed a good A-line skirt block. Now I think that Vogue 1247 is the quintessential A-line skirt. I love the shape and the fact that the pattern is pretty easy to hack. However, I think that this one might become my new […]

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