Free fabric Friday

No, Free fabric Friday isn’t a thing and nor am I giving fabric away (although I should). I simply used some free fabric in these two garments and I’m blogging on a Friday, and it alliterated, so it was a no brainer for a title. Sorry (not sorry)!


So… the free fabric comes in the form of the rather eighties (or is that noughties?)  coloured cotton knit that I used for a Closet Case Files Nettie bodysuit. It’s a minty, mossy green in real life and doesn’t really go with a single thing in my winter wardrobe. In the end I teamed it with my rust jeans as I think that everything goes with them! I made my Nettie whilst camping last weekend – that’s how easy it is to make! I’ve made so many of these that I’ve got the fit pretty much down pat. IMG_6942

I got the fabric for this Nettie from REmida, which is a recycling facility in Perth and which is full of free stuff for members. The bundle had more than 2m in it, and it is a high quality 4-way stretch fabric which is mostly cotton with a bit of spandex. I’m planning a summer make from it next, which I may or may not dye.

I’ve also made the Pilvi jacket from Lotta Jansdotter’s book “Everyday Style”. This is a really simple, boxy jacket with raglan sleeves. I think I made it a bit longer, but my memory is now a bit hazy as I made it a few weeks ago.


I also got this fabric from REmida, so again, it was free. Unfortunately it’s polyester, but I swallowed my principles because I was going to cover it in boro style patches. I did a boro workshop at the Perth Quilt and Craft Fair, creating this little purse.


I really wanted to translate this technique to a jacket. I decided that the Pulvi was the perfect shape for this sort of embellishment and made it a size bigger because the patches tend to shrink the fabric in a bit. When I started laying my squares and rectangles on the jacket it all began to look a bit contrived, so I changed my mind (I will do it eventually though). What I finished up with then is a rather boring coloured jacket, which, because it’s a bit big, is able to be closed, rather than the open style of the original.IMG_6899

Although the colour is a bit ho hum,  I quite like it as it goes with so many things in my wardrobe. The big buttons came from the bargain button box at Knitwit and this jacket will be eminently wearable when the finer weather appears. IMG_6860

I really like the simple designs in Lotta Jansdotter’s book and have several more things planned from it.




18 thoughts on “Free fabric Friday

  1. I like your Nettie and your jacket which is eminently wearable, but most of all I like your rust coloured trousers. Such a lovely winter colour.

  2. Glad to see you keep busy, even while camping! Bodysuit comfy and I love the jacket with it’s simplicity. Happy Sewing/Creating!!!! Enjoy your posts.

  3. That jacket! I love it, so simple and chic. I agree not having boro on this one, save it for some other fabulous outfit!

  4. I like your outfit and colours. The Pilvi jacket looks really lovely and versatile. I have the Lotta book too and have made the Esme top and Owyn trousers so far. The patterns are beautifully simple and the photos offer different inspirations. Like you I’m waiting for some fairer weather so that I can bear to remove my skivvy, jumper and scarf!

    1. thanks Jean, REmida is a fabulous resource. I was going to ask if you were coming to Perth? If so, I could organise a catch up with some of the other Perth sewists that you follow?

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