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Polka dot shirt

Sometime ago Mark visited a fabric store sale with me and we came away with more fabric for him than for me! The fabric that he wanted was four different versions of the same spotted fabric – just the colours varied. This is the first of the shirts made from this fabric (although I’ve decided to […]

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Scuba skirt

When my eldest sister was visiting me from the UK she bought me this piece of scuba fabric, and I even managed to make it up. I used the same pattern that I used for my vintage skirt, Style 4232, and because of the drapey nature of the fabric, the look is quite different. I […]

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Layer up!

Today was a strange day clothes-wise. It was beautifully sunny, but the wind was ferocious and freezing. There was no choice but to layer up. I began the day in my second Nettie bodysuit – a grey one this time. When I made the red leopard Nettie I decided that next time I would make a few […]

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Black and grey rugby

Well, we are in Stockholm and I made this rugby top for Mark literally at the last minute before we left – I actually thought I would be sewing the buttons on when we got here, but I managed to finish it 10 minutes before the car came to take us to the airport. Here […]

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A bit of leave

I’ve been on leave (only three days, but combine that with Easter and Anzac Day and I managed to get 10 days off), and have been busy in the sweatshop. Over this time I’ve made quite a bit including two flannel shirts – one for Mark and one for Tom. They look pretty similar in that […]

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Fadanista’s first anniversary

Or this post might be better titled “my year of taking selfies”. Honestly, I never have photographs taken of me, you could look through our family albums and boxes of photographs and note that I am the (often poor) photographer catching the moment. So I am so surprised that I have kept this going. Reader alert – […]

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Cropped sweater for winter

  This is the Cropped Sweater for Winter by Andi Satterlund found at It’s a great pattern, knitted in one piece, it is a quick knit, and it’s free! I knitted it from some yarn from my mother’s stash and bought the pink for the trim in Auckland (then used the left overs for the doll crib). […]

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Rugby shirt

My husband adores rugby shirts and I have paid a lot for some (think Gant and Canterbury), and others I have bought quite cheaply (Macy’s in the US when I visit), but when he asked me to make him one, I thought, well why not? First I had to find a pattern, which I did […]

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The first flanno*

When I was busy churning out shirts for my husband and sons over the summer, they put in an order for flannos (Australian slang for flannel shirts) and this is the first. It is my usual KwikSew 3422, nothing changed, just endless pattern matching. If I say so myself, I did a great job of […]

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Chevron shirt

I have been hanging out to make a shirt with a chevron yoke, but was anxious about the process. Then I found the excellent tutorial by Pam from Off the cuff and I was off and running. I used a lovely striped shirting from Tessuti, and chevroned (yes, that is a word) the yoke (outside only) […]

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