Scuba skirt

When my eldest sister was visiting me from the UK she bought me this piece of scuba fabric, and I even managed to make it up.


I used the same pattern that I used for my vintage skirt, Style 4232, and because of the drapey nature of the fabric, the look is quite different. I wore it with my orange top, a belt that I made, and my reversible jacket.

This outfit took me from the conference through to the conference reception which was held in City Hall, Stockholm. This is the most beautiful place and is the venue for the Nobel Prize Banquet.



Because we walked to the venue I added some layers – the jumper is a RTW knit that I bought to copy (and never did). It is constructed from triangles and is quite clever.

City Hall is only 91 years old (not as old as our house even), but looks as though it’s sat on the river for centuries.

Mark is wearing a linen shirt that I made him some time ago, so he gets to feature in this post too.


This building is exquisite and we felt so privileged for being given a private viewing. The main hall seats 1300 people for the Nobel dinner. The stairs from the upper gallery were specially designed to accommodate women who have to descend them wearing ball gowns and high heels. The upper gallery is primarily gold mosaic tiles and is breathtaking.


Um, Mark doesn’t always have wine in his hand (well, sometimes he doesn’t!)

Here’s another view of the room with Mark and our colleague Allan (who isn’t wearing anything made by me!)


Here are some more shots of my outfit, but really I’m showcasing the building :). The light is terrible, but the mosaic is still stunning.





I wanted to show this lovely portal because this is where all the Nobel laureates and their partners enter the gallery. Here’s me pretending I’m important!


I thought I would show the outside of the building – it’s quite austere, but has gold decorations everywhere. If you look at the top of the spire on the tower you will see three gold crowns – some trivia here, each crown is as big as a VW Beetle – hard to imagine from the ground.

DSC09336The details:

Pattern is Style 4232 from 1970, modified

Fabric is “scuba” from Knitwit

Setting is mostly City Hall, Stockholm


14 thoughts on “Scuba skirt

  1. Love the colours in the skirt and an orange top always gets my seal of approval. The building is stunning. Chris’s ancestory is Swiss so maybe we need to resume our Europe adventure and add Stockholm to the list.

  2. That building is amazing and so young! Your skirt, too is beautiful. What conference are you attending? Is it medical? That is a nice job you have, with so much travelling.

    1. Hi Jenny, I have the best job! It’s not a medical conference – it’s on educational development – much more interesting 🙂

  3. I have never commented on your blog until now even though I love seeing what you sew for yourself and your family. I felt today I should as I too am in Stockholm visiting from Australia. It seems we have been sightseeing in the same places so I am loving your photos. Enjoy the rest of your time in this beautiful city and maybe I may bump into you today.

    1. Thank you! Isn’t Stockholm amazing? I am off to the Vasse Museum tonight, so will be blogging that tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be lovely to bump into each other?

  4. Sue, its always a pleasure to see your prodigious talent but showcased against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of Stockholm….well its just too good. Where else can they send you? The beanie on the plane had me stitches.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, believe it or not I am off to Ballarat in Victoria for a couple of days then have a week in Hong Kong. I am beside myself because I won’t be able to sew!!

    1. Yep, knitting is happening! I am making a Miette cardigan from yarn bought in Stockholm, and I have ordered the most amazing kit. Will be blogging them soonish.

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