Polka dot shirt

Sometime ago Mark visited a fabric store sale with me and we came away with more fabric for him than for me! The fabric that he wanted was four different versions of the same spotted fabric – just the colours varied. This is the first of the shirts made from this fabric (although I’ve decided to appropriate one lot!).

I used my old favourite Kwik Sew 3422 and it was a really quick make thanks to the lack of pattern matching.

We found a flea market in Stockholm where the fruit and flower market had been a couple of days ago, but failed to find anything of interest. I did manage to get some photos of his shirt though.


By the way, the bag isn’t from the pub, but from a department store called “P.U.B” just in case you’re wondering!

I normally love flea markets, but this one just overwhelmed me, and most of what we saw was pretty tatty. No fabric luckily.DSC09202

He also wore said shirt to the conference dinner held at the Vasa  Museum. This museum houses a 300+ year old warship (it is in the style of a galleon in my view) that languished at the bottom of the harbour since it sank a few metres into its maiden voyage in 1628.

Mark was very reluctant to have his photo taken but I managed to get a rare shot of him sans wine glass!


Sorry, but I have to just put a couple more pictures of this ship up – it is truly amazing

ICED2014 dinner

The detail that was preserved in the mud is mindblowing


But back to the shirt! I took some photos of him and shirt in almost the smallest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in (smallest in Copenhagen if you are interested)


I must have walked into that sloping ceiling on a dozen occasions and am probably black and blue up both arms!DSC09231

Not a lot else to say about the shirt – it is 100% cotton and was a dream to sew, and Mark tells me it is lovely to wear.

The details:

Kwik Sew 3422 in a 100% cotton bought from Textile Homecrafts. Buttons came out of my stash.


13 thoughts on “Polka dot shirt

  1. Oh Sue, such wonderful pictures of fun places and fun clothes. Thumbs up for husband/enabler on his fabric choice, and as always I’m in awe of your talent!

    1. hehe, luckily no close ups of my dodgy sewing available Jagoda! I actually love making shirts, I think they are really therapeutic.

  2. Your husband is very lucky to have you make him such great shirts. I too find it therapeutic to make shirts and will make one for anyone in my family. I love the table settings in The Vasser Museum for your dinner. Did you see the table setting for the Noble Prize dinner at the Stockholm Town Hall? It was beautiful too. Yesterday I visited the Nordska Museum and they have a whole section on table settings. I think the Swedes are the table setting experts !! I am on my way home at the moment, sitting in Dubai for several hours. Stockholm was the loveliest city and I will return.

    1. Thank you, and yes, we are also planning a return visit soon. I have loved every minute of our trip and we still have two days as we don’t go home until Saturday. I haven’t yet been to the Nordska Museum but will try to get there – I need hints as to table settings 🙂

  3. Mark shirt looks great and the Viking ship looks amazing – you have definately sold me on Stockholm. Your talents amaze me seamstress and travel guide all in one! I am amazed you didn’t find anything at the flea market. Enjoy your last two days.

  4. Marks’ shirt looks very smart, and the polka dots add interest. I am dreading the day my Mark decides he wants to go fabric shopping with me!

  5. oh my, such a funny coincidence! our conference dinner was at the vasa museet too!! if you are interested in shopping for fabric in Stockholm, my pick is tygverget, Sankt Paulsgatan 19 in the Soder district, and Ohlssens, at Sveavargen 34, in the heart of Stockholm. Have fun!
    Mark’s shirt looks great too 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I have visited both of those places, plus a few more. I thought I would do a yarn and fabric crawl type blog – coming soon! I think everyone’s conference dinner is at the Vasa,

  6. Shirt looks great, nice print. love the ship…wonder if that mud would preserve something like human faces? 🙂

  7. Great shirt. I’ve really enjoyed all your photos of Stockholm—now it’s added to the long list of places I’d like to get to some day.

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