Layer up!

Today was a strange day clothes-wise. It was beautifully sunny, but the wind was ferocious and freezing. There was no choice but to layer up.


I began the day in my second Nettie bodysuit – a grey one this time. When I made the red leopard Nettie I decided that next time I would make a few modifications – I reduced the body length by an inch (I intended to start with 1/2 inch, but got a bit carried away), and I also thought that the shoulders were weirdly narrow, but clean forgot to widen them for this version and I think they look a bit like a raglan gone wrong – I will sort this for next time. I have forensically examined every photo of all the other Nettie bodysuits and no-one else seems to have this issue, so not sure why this has happened to me.

The fabric for this Nettie was in my stash and is a thick, firm fabric and I have no idea where I bought it or how long ago. It is not as stretchy as the red leopard fabric and I was a bit anxious about the fit, but it seems ok.

Then I got a bit cold so had to add a jumper – my grey cashmere/silk “nondescript” machine knitted jumper.


OK, getting warmer, but still chilled to the bone when we hit the wind. So I added my rain jacket and hand knitted gloves (standing in front of the royal palace at Gamla Stan).


Then back to the water and I added a beanie that I knitted on the plane on the way over.


The beanie was a kit from a new shop in Claremont – Alabama Chanin. The kit contained a gorgeous fluffy alpaca pom-pom for the top, but I thought I looked like a deranged ski bunny, so decided to forego it and instead made a small crocheted “button” to finish off the top. I simply used the yarn end to do this and it’s a very neat finish.

Still not warm enough, so I had to add a hand-knitted scarfDSC09160

Here I am looking at the sculptures “Le Paradis Fantastic” outside the Moderne Museum on Skeppes-Holnen (previously the naval barracks in Stockholm). The sculptures are pretty fantastic. Those metal bits are steam punked and move – here is the view from the other side.DSC09162

So having added all that clothing, I then got hot and had to gradually take it all off again!


Mark wore his new rugby top again (with a flannel shirt underneath), together with gloves handknitted by me (two pairs, in fact!)



Here he is in the old city with fingerless gloves that I knitted.DSC09138

Back down to my jumper



and then (briefly) back to the Nettie! (in front of the Royal Armoury)DSC09125


One last shot of Mark in front of the Nobel museum


So we had a great day. We spent part of it looking for yarn stores – found a few but they were pretty disappointing as I’m desperate to buy some local wool for my next Miette cardigan. I still have a couple on the list to check though, but I can feel a blog coming on about fabric and yarn shopping in Stockholm city.

The details:

Pattern is the Closet Case Files Nettie Bodysuit

Fabric is thick grey stretch found after an archeological dig in stash

Grey jumper was machine knitted using a combination of cashmere lace weight from a British wool mill, and Filatura di Crosa Supreme cashmere/silk mix.

Beanie is knitted from Toft UK chunky yarn bought at Alabama Chanin store in Claremont

Scarf was handknitted from yarn bought in Devenport, New Zealand

Gloves were handknitted

Socks (unseen) were machine knitted

Setting is the Old City in Stockholm



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  1. Stockholm suits you.
    I am a huge fan of bodysuits and I really like this grey one with the grey sweater over the top.

  2. Stockholm looks like an amazing city to visit – makes me want to finish my Europe adventure. I think the pom pom would of suited you.

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