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Some circular sock success!

Quite nice alliteration in the title, which makes me happy. Thanks to Wendy from Corramook Cranky Socks and Karen from CSMLove, I feel mastery of my vintage Imperia circular sock machine is within my grasp. Low level mastery – I’m not getting ahead of myself here! I think a big difference was made when (coach) […]

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Antique sewing and knitting machines, Circular sock machine

(Mis)Adventures with the Circular Sock Machine

Following on from my last post, I’ve been up to my elbows in the Circular Sock Machine (CSM) and have had much more success with it this time around, thanks to my “coach” Wendy, and to an amazing woman called Karen Ramel who has a website called Karen has videos on pretty much every […]

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Antique sewing and knitting machines

Vintage sewing machine

Mark, his Mum, and I went to New Norfolk in Tasmania and had coffee in a little shop that was tricked out with vintage everything. We sat on retro sofas surrounded by fabulous “props”. Just for interest, I’m wearing the Calvin Klein top I wrote about in my last post. Anyway, one of the things in […]

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Garment district, NYC

I thought I would start this post with a tribute to the workers of the garment industry. It is in the form of a giant button with a needle through it. Note the banner on the right hand side with “I Work” on it. The garment district is still pretty big, but not as big […]

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Lumberjack or PJs?

Having made all those flannel shirts for my husband and son I thought I would like one for me, but I have that “I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok” song from Monty Python running through my head constantly so I used some lovely flannelette sheeting that didn’t look at all lumberjack like. Except… It turned into […]

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Vintage v antique style

I was reading the local paper yesterday and they had a “Guide to the good stuff” which included an antique style Singer 160 for sale in Spotlight. You can see a photo of it here, although I note that the website states that it is no longer available! Whatever. I thought it might be time […]

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Antique sewing and knitting machines, Elna Lotus, vintage

New toy or another fad?

A while back Mark and I were pounding the pavements and thinking longingly of camping/glamping. I made some comment about taking some sewing along and he (very rashly!) suggested I buy a lightweight sewing machine that we can pack alongside all his fancy cooking gadgets. I’m sure he could have bitten his tongue out because, […]

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Sunday, Sunday

Today I wore another garment that I haven’t worn for a while – a Cat Bordhi mobius from “A Treasury of Magical Knitting” that I knitted in Hobart from silk and linen yarn that I bought in Barcelona. The problem is that I made it too big and was not going to frog it, so I […]

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Medieval Monday?

I planned what to wear today for MMM, but then the weather forecast was for a lower temperature than I had expected, so much panic when I got out of bed this morning! I dug around frantically and came up with this tunic, which I made a couple of years ago, basically my own design […]

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