Antique sewing and knitting machines

Vintage sewing machine

Mark, his Mum, and I went to New Norfolk in Tasmania and had coffee in a little shop that was tricked out with vintage everything. We sat on retro sofas surrounded by fabulous “props”. Just for interest, I’m wearing the Calvin Klein top I wrote about in my last post. Anyway, one of the things in […]

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Garment district, NYC

I thought I would start this post with a tribute to the workers of the garment industry. It is in the form of a giant button with a needle through it. Note the banner on the right hand side with “I Work” on it. The garment district is still pretty big, but not as big […]

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Lumberjack or PJs?

Having made all those flannel shirts for my husband and son I thought I would like one for me, but I have that “I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok” song from Monty Python running through my head constantly so I used some lovely flannelette sheeting that didn’t look at all lumberjack like. Except… It turned into […]

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Vintage v antique style

I was reading the local paper yesterday and they had a “Guide to the good stuff” which included an antique style Singer 160 for sale in Spotlight. You can see a photo of it here, although I note that the website states that it is no longer available! Whatever. I thought it might be time […]

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Antique sewing and knitting machines, Elna Lotus, vintage

New toy or another fad?

A while back Mark and I were pounding the pavements and thinking longingly of camping/glamping. I made some comment about taking some sewing along and he (very rashly!) suggested I buy a lightweight sewing machine that we can pack alongside all his fancy cooking gadgets. I’m sure he could have bitten his tongue out because, […]

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Sunday, Sunday

Today I wore another garment that I haven’t worn for a while – a Cat Bordhi mobius from “A Treasury of Magical Knitting” that I knitted in Hobart from silk and linen yarn that I bought in Barcelona. The problem is that I made it too big and was not going to frog it, so I […]

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Medieval Monday?

I planned what to wear today for MMM, but then the weather forecast was for a lower temperature than I had expected, so much panic when I got out of bed this morning! I dug around frantically and came up with this tunic, which I made a couple of years ago, basically my own design […]

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