Medieval Monday?

I planned what to wear today for MMM, but then the weather forecast was for a lower temperature than I had expected, so much panic when I got out of bed this morning! I dug around frantically and came up with this tunic, which I made a couple of years ago, basically my own design inspired some something I saw in a shop window as I hurtled past on my walk. When I went back the next day to gather some details, it was gone. I feel a bit Maid Marionish in it. It might be the medieval sleeves and perhaps the crossed over neckline. Anyway, I’m wearing it which is a relief because the yarn cost a fortune and I’ve always felt guilty about it. DSC02982

The photo isn’t too clear, but my camera ran out of battery charge. I should say that it came with three batteries, all flat, but the charger doesn’t seem to have appeared. I have had to resort now to PhotoBooth, but it’s not too bad. Photo on 13-05-13 at 8.36 AM #3

Now, speaking of medieval, I was having a rummage in the cupboard whilst cleaning up the sweatshop and found this box (please note nice segue away from me!) DSC02856The stamp on the top says that it was patented on February 19 1889.


It is made of oak, and is full of sewing machine feet and parts. It opens right out in four sections – how gorgeous is this? I hope it’s visible. DSC02858 DSC02857 The photo below is out of focus, but the end view shows the quadrants that open the box out flat. It’s very cleverly designed.


Since starting this post I have modified the tunic. It annoyed me all day, sliding off my shoulders. I simply sewed up the neck a little and hope that next time I wear it I will be a bit more comfortable.

I am turning my mind to what to make next – so many things to do that I feel paralysed. I have a chair full of fabric to make up for the boys, but MMM beckons me. I have a pair of red jeans cut out, and two jumpers that I want to knit. What to do, what to do? Wait and see, I guess…


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