One arm wrap

Today I found the one-arm wrap designed by Teresa Dair of Dairing, Melbourne and thought it would be perfect in this weather.

I teamed the wrap with the inevitable Susan top and Elle pants from StyleArc, a handmade button “pin” with magnets glued so the fabric doesn’t rip, and machine knitted socks. I got dressed in the dark (again!) and selected them by feel. They did feel the same, but were different colours, so I took my shoes off to illustrate the dangers of dark dressing.

I have always struggled with this wrap a bit, and started the day with it one way


then turned it around when I got to work. I think this worked much better.ImageI

I did keep my shoes on for this shot!

I keep whinging about running out of clothes and today a couple of new patterns arrived from StyleArc – yay! A new pants pattern, and a couple of tops. I might be very busy over the next few evenings…

Short post today, I need to get knitting to have something to wear at the weekend. At last year’s Quilt and Craft Fair I bought a yarn kit from Dairing’s and as of yesterday it was still in the stash. It is really cute – it’s called Lollypop and the yarn is amazingly soft and a lovely winter white with blue stripes:


I knitted the front and this is what I got – it must have been the perfect number of stitches over the perfect number of rows to get this, because it doesn’t look anything like the pic above:


I have to knit the back tonight and I’m not sure what I’m going to get! I also bought enough yarn for sleeves (I wouldn’t wear a sleeveless top like this in winter), so I have no idea how they will turn out. I’ll get back on this in a couple of days!


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