Garment district, NYC


I thought I would start this post with a tribute to the workers of the garment industry. It is in the form of a giant button with a needle through it. Note the banner on the right hand side with “I Work” on it.

The garment district is still pretty big, but not as big as it was when I was here last time. Having said that, I still didn’t manage to get to every shop in the area, but I did give it the old college try!

Mark took sneaky photos of me, catching me in the act, so some of these photos are a reflection of this. This shop was exclusively for men’s fabrics – Beckenstein’s. Fabulous, but very expensive.


Apart from Mood, the only fabric I bought was in Paron Fabrics, which is a gorgeous shop, well set out and run by a lovely couple. Paron’s is on 39th Street, which is where most of the above shops were located.


There are a large number of shops devoted to notions. I can’t remember all the names, but MJ Trimmings was amazing, as was a shop called Zipper


So many photos that I have to montage some of them.


They do sell wool incidentally – large balls of it!


I found a knitting mill in a shop – lovely, but sadly they only sold made up garments.


This is a vintage knitting machine they had.


I am going to make a separate post on Mood Fabrics, as there is a bit to say!

In the meantime, just to show that not only do the people of New York dress up in their favourite team gear, but the dogs are ardent followers too!





19 thoughts on “Garment district, NYC

  1. I’m jealous! You were blessed with enough time to plunder NY fabric stores AND explore many popular attractions. Each time I visit the city, I’m torn between museums or shops. So here’s a promise to myself for the coming year: go to NY exclusively for fabric shopping. And I’ll put Paron’s Fabrics on my list!

  2. I was gobsmacked by the zipper choices in NYC, hope you bought up big. Zippers are one of the things I find most difficult to get here in Sydney. Sure we have the boring ones, but where are the separating gems in myriad colours?!! Mark needs to be bottled, I had the hugest guilts when I dragged my significant other fabric shopping, next time I’ll go it alone! Ooooh, spill the beans on Mood…

    1. Mood post is on its way soon. I didn’t buy up big on the zips, I just couldn’t decide what I wanted :(. I saw all those diamante ones and couldn’t decide on the length. Now I’m really sorry…

  3. Sue, you are clearly having a wonderfully indulgent time – and why not, I say! The amount of stock is overwhelming but they obviously have the numbers to justify it! Take care you guys and enjoy Christmas and the Festive season. xx Thelma

  4. OMG those zipper, how many of those long ones are coming home? MJ Trim I have head a lot about, it would also be a very dangerous shop to visit.

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