Burda 7422 or wearable blanket

When I bought the fabric for Mark’s coat, I bought some of the same fabric, in black, for me (his is navy blue).


I was very drawn to this Burda pattern when flicking through the books in Knitwit, and had a feeling that I already owned it, so imagine my delight when I discovered this was indeed the case, and bought on sale judging from the price tag.

Burda coat sue

I really liked the cape style coat, with a simple cuff at the end forming a “sleeve”. I made it one size bigger so that I could fit a lot of clothes under it for our holiday, and boy, can I fit a lot under it!

Going into our apartment building

The actual coat was really simple to make. It did require more fabric than I had, so I made it about 10cm shorter than the pattern required. This turned into a happy accident as I don’t think I could have managed the weight had the coat been any longer. The coat has welt pockets and a nice biggish collar. I had to top stitch each side of the seam allowance to keep it flat, and I interfaced the two fronts to stop them stretching out. The coat is fastened with large press studs. The only lining is on the collar, cuffs and pocket welts.


Archie did tell me that I looked like I was wearing some sort of a blanket; but I rather thought that was the point :). I was quite pleased when a woman accosted me on the subway to tell me that she loved my coat.

Central Park in the background. 

This fabric is so thick that it is pretty much impervious to rain. It is really warm and when layered it is really snuggly.

I wore my coat for a breakfast meet up with Hélène, one of my most loyal followers. It was wonderful to meet her, and we talked for at least a couple of hours as though we had been friends forever. Hélène came all the way from Montreal to meet with me – how cool is that? We parted with promises of more visits; we have Canada on our itinerary in the next couple of years. IMG_2798

I’m wearing my red faux-Burberry cowl, an unblogged jumper and unblogged jeans.


14 thoughts on “Burda 7422 or wearable blanket

  1. This is indeed a lovely coat. I am finding myself drawn to the cape style lately, not that I can wear one here for a while. I love the red cowl too. Think of us sweltering here while you snuggle up!

  2. Something about this jacket is very Perth to me, in that I cannot handle the cold and want as much fabric enveloping my body kind of way . I once to a boyfriends xl puffer jacket to Europe in winter and this would have been a much classier alternative!

  3. By your standards (i.e. +20 hour flights), NYC is next door to Montréal, so this was not heroic at all. Plus, I had such a good time meeting you (you are even more beautiful and radiant in the flesh) and I really enjoyed walking the city with my son. You were my best excuse to indulge in a week-end in NY. As for your blanket coat, I think these pictures are nice but they don’t do justice to this magnificient coat. I’m not surprised if a woman accosted you about it in the metro. When I saw you in the lobby, I hardly resist the urge to steal it from you. But Mark and Archie were there… 😉

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