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I decided to dedicate this post to Mood Fabrics. It certainly lives up to the hype. We started out in the home decorating section and I admit to being a bit overwrought about finally getting there!


There were some gorgeous fabrics in Mood Home, but I left them all there…


The fashion fabrics are located over three floors and we took a really delightful old fashioned lift with the brass floor indicator to get into the store.

I’m not sure what I’m looking at here, but it is clearly pretty good! (and the lady behind me obviously thought I was being strange :))DSC06261

I’m going to talk about the dog first. Mood has its own dog called Swatch. I have never seen this mentioned in any of the blogs I follow. Swatch wanders the store checking out the fabric with the rest of us!


They even have a portrait of Swatch,


and many of their products such as t-shirts feature her (I think she’s a her, she’s a little portly and I can’t tell from the photos). Swatch is such a good name for a dog that is queen of a fabric store!


Mark kept appearing to take my photograph!


I did leave him in the husband area where he struck up conversation with another person, who just happened to be the co-owner of Mood Fabrics! Apparently he runs the online store from Maine and his brother runs the actual fabric store.

You can just see me being swallowed up by fabric here!


Three floors of complete bliss and I only bought three pieces of fabric! This has to be a record. The pelican/parrot fabric at the front is linen, in the middle is some gorgeous Liberty ($20/yard, yes, I will have that!) and a spotted knit at the back.


As I staggered out with my Mood bag, I was obviously overcome. Probably at the thought of the fabulous notions for sale in this shop, which is just over the road. DSC06275

The zipper shop  (called Zipper) as reported in my last post was also just over the road from Mood, all in 37th Street.

I did visit Mood Fabrics twice, but had Archie around on the second visit so it was much quicker. I bought a pair of Gingher pelican scissors for my Alabama Chanin activities.

I am wearing my cabled jumper and as yet unblogged jeans.


16 thoughts on “Mood Fabrics – NYC

  1. What a treasure trove – your body language says it all. The picture with the lady looking at you like you were insane made me roar with laughter! Despite many trips to NYC, I’ve never been at Mood and it’s probably better like that, bc my stash would probably explode. Beside, this city is jam-packed with things to do and we always end up visiting museums and places we had never seen before. So again, Mood is for the next time!

  2. I actually work on 37th and 8th so I usually walk by Mood, but when I get in….I feel like a little girl in a candy store! I love that store! but don;t go often because it’s too overwhelming!
    I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Garment District!

  3. How awesome! Swatch often features on Project Runway, which is probably why she is such a celebrity. It must be quite an challenge to try to choose something out of all that fabric. What a great experience!

    1. All I got from Mark was that he lived in Maine where he ran the online business, and that his brother ran the NYC store. He didn’t visit the physical shop very often. Thank you for the comment about the linen, I am very enamoured…

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