Jalie Éléonore jeans with real pockets

I have made a lot of these Jalie Éléonore pull on jeans (see here and here for a couple of examples), but have finally made a pair with front pockets.


I had been resisting on the grounds that I didn’t need the bulk but they don’t actually add any bulk. There was originally a little tutorial showing how to draft the pattern pieces for this modification, but then Jalie released a pattern update for a small sum of money, which I think may have replaced the tutorial as I can no longer find it. On the other hand, most fairly experienced sewists would be able to make this adjustment fairly easily.

The jeans are made from this really unusual bengaline I found in the remnant bin at Knitwit. I swear I’ve never seen it on the shelves.


These Éléonores have been worn to death already. I made a little cream top to go with them as I actually have very little that I can wear with them (plans being made to remedy this tragic situation!). I just used a self-drafted pattern that I’ve made many times before, and made it quite long for reasons I have now forgotten, although I quite like it ruched up. I’m wearing it with a leather belt which I’ve had for years, and which has pockets in it. A kind of upscale bum bag if you will. I don’t use it very often so it was nice to find a reason to wear it.


The other advantage of making this matching top is that it goes with a cotton lace collar I bought several years ago in an op shop in Hobart. The collar used to be a pristine white but I dyed it with eucalyptus leaves and now it is a satisfyingly murky colour. I think it really finishes off this top and will probably always team them together.


The back of the jeans is just the same as always, so I’m only showing this photo to show you the back of my collar!


However, my favourite photo of these jeans was taken by my son, Archie, when he managed to set me up with an (unlit) cigarette and a can of Emu Export, colloquially known as “bush chook”. The iron was involved as we channeled a 1950s housewife and at one point I may have had a tea towel wrapped around my head. It was a lot of fun and the video taken by Archie and which I put on Instagram has been mentioned to me by various people alarmingly frequently. This was the morning of Tom’s wedding and luckily the day improved considerably after this.


I teamed the jeans here with my Liberty top, but don’t think they really go. However, it was what I had packed so I went with it.

Speaking of things going with other things, I’m participating in MeMadeMay again, and I think this is my sixth year. I have pledged to only wear things made by me, which isn’t such a stretch as I only have precious ready to wear clothing left in my wardrobe (a vintage Christian Lacroix jacket springs to mind), and I couldn’t pledge as having no repeats as I’ll be travelling with a fairly minimal wardrobe for some of May, so I am going to occasionally post a photo of Mark as well because he also only wears things made by me, including his socks and undies. I haven’t put up any to date as he’s been working on our bush block and black hands do not make for enticing photographs!

Anyway, back to the story, I wore these jeans today with my Missoni jumper and decided that they don’t go together well at all. However I was too far from home to go and change, so that’s what I’ve got on. IMG_4479

I’m with some small wattle trees that we planted and which I’m hoping can be pruned quite soon as I want to do some wattle dyeing.



20 thoughts on “Jalie Éléonore jeans with real pockets

  1. What a great remnant of fabric for these jeans. Very unusual and eye-catching, I see why you’ve already worn them so much!

  2. Love your jeans!!! I purchased this pattern after seeing a few of your earlier pairs and need to push them up on the queue list. Wondered about the pockets as they can be so useful. Kind of surprised the pattern did not come with this option. And do think they go nicely with the Missoni top. Enjoy your time in the bush!! 🙂

  3. What a fantastic fabric to find in a remnant bin – and it looks great as trousers. I’m deeply envious of both your lace collar and ‘upscale bum bag’. I’m frequently found wearing a bum bag as I like having my hands free and it prevents me from carrying way too much when I’m out walking. I’m actually searching for a presentable version that would get less complaints from family and yours would work! Do you mind if I try to get a copy made?

  4. I’m envious of your jeans – mine are in the top of the closet – so very tight and strange fitting – the cut obviously isn’t for me! I will keep them in “time out” for a while until I decide whether to dump or rework. I thought sewing them was some of the easiest sewing I’ve ever done – loved the waistband treatment!

  5. What a great outfit. Love those jeans and the lace top certainly takes it up a notch.

  6. This pattern looks rather excellent, judging by your nice versions and our friend Ali’s multiple ones as well. How long will I resist??

  7. I absolutely love that fabric and if you didn’t live the other side of the world from me I could be tempted to steal your jeans as I have a soft spot for unusual textured jeans and trousers. I need more in my life. The fit on your jeans looks fab too. Love that lacey collar by the way. What a nice touch.

    1. I am so happy to have worn the lace collar but now it’s too cool and I only wore it once! I might have to make a winter top to go with it.

  8. The jeans look great. I don’t think the pockets are a bad thing at all – I think they make them look more like jeans! I love the collar. I noticed it right away. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever have the opportunity to have or make one!

  9. Great post as ever Sue. I had never thought of pockets in my Eleanore jeans…but now I will!xx

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