Jalie Éléonore Pull-On Jeans

Many years ago I made four pairs of pull on “jeans” from some beautiful thick ponte that I had bought somewhere in my travels. In order to make them I hacked a pattern but couldn’t remember which pattern and what I’d done with my hacked pattern. It all happened pre-blogging so I couldn’t even use the blog as an aide memoire!

I had seen the Jalie Éléonore Pull-On Jeans  pattern in my travels through the interwebs, and had mentally parked it as a possibility if I didn’t want to do all the hackery pokery again. In the end, I bought the pattern, cut and stuck and was good to go.

I have got some nice wool ponte in my stash from Knitwit so I wanted to use that, but thought I’d better test the pattern first. The pattern has 27 sizes, which makes for a slightly eye watering tracing experience, although I just noticed on the website that the pattern is layered. I rechecked my version and it definitely doesn’t allow me to isolate sizes, so not sure if that’s a glitch at my end or Jalie’s.

My first job was to find the size chart. It isn’t included in the instructions so I had to go off to Jalie’s website to find it. This is slightly annoying as I can be without internet access and would then be stuck. Anyway; my hip measurement fell between the R (91cm) and S (94cm) and as my hip measurement is 92cm I followed the instruction to go with the bigger size. I used a very stretchy ponte. The instructions call for a minimum of 20% stretch but I had around 50%. This did give me pause for thought about the sizing, but I pushed on with the S size, mostly because I didn’t want to retrace the pattern. I basically constructed the whole thing before I was able to sensibly try them on for fit. My brain was telling me that they were going to be too big, and they sure were! I took 3cm off each side seam and 2cm off the inside leg. Do the maths people – that’s a whopping 10cm and the legs are still not fitted!!

Unfortunately all the adjustments meant that I lost my topstitching on the inside leg and down the side of the hip. I just couldn’t face redoing it so I have no topstitching where it can be seen.


The nature of these jeans/pants/trousers is that I want and need to wear long tops over them, meaning that all the details are invisible, so here a photo of the faux pockets and faux fly.


and the back pockets, which I didn’t embellish on this pair but will definitely be doing something fancy on the next pair.


You can see that the legs are not really tight on me. I thought hard about this and decided that I quite like the shape – fitted without being too skinny. Unusually, these have not needed any messing around with the crotch curve and I don’t have the usual wrinkle under my backside. I think this is a real win. The pattern has a cropped option but I will never make them because I look terrible in cropped trousers.

One of the interesting construction steps was the waistband. There is a front and back waistband and the elastic is cut to fit each piece, sewn in and then the waistband is sewn together and joined to the top of the jeans. I didn’t know if I liked this and almost changed it before cutting out, but went with it and I have to say that I really like it.

I have worn these endlessly since making them. They are super comfortable and of course uber stretchy. I haven’t managed to get many photos but note that I got photobombed by Archie whilst I was loitering with camera remote in hand.


What I love about these pants is that I can dress them up or down. They go brilliantly with most of my jumpers and tops but put on a coat and some fancy shoes and I’m ready to head off for coffee or lunch.


It should be noted that just after making these I was having an email chat with Hélène and she reminded me that I had made Vogue 8859 and of course I realised that this may have been the pattern I hacked. I may rehack it as they have a beautiful fit too.

I am going to make some black ones next but I also feel the need for a denim pair, so you may see these popping up on the blog at some point.


39 thoughts on “Jalie Éléonore Pull-On Jeans

  1. I really like these, Sue! I never thought of doing them in ponte or anything other than stretch denim – this has opened up whole new possibilities for me! I know what you mean about the size charts etc, though I didn’t have any problem with the layering. As you know I had the opposite experience with almost skin-tight jeans, so I really like your fitted pair and will definitely give this a go sometime!

    1. Thank you, ponte is just the best thing. There is some denim ponte around if you want the best of both worlds. Hmm, I might need some!!

  2. Nice! I have occasionally had the same problem with printing layers. Then I discovered that if I saved the pattern, then reopened it from my files with Adobe, the layers were suddenly available to me! Not sure if that would work fo you but worth a try?

  3. I have made these in different stretch wovens, but never in Ponte- but what a great idea!

    1. I have four pairs that I previously made from a hacked pattern and I rarely go a week without wearing at least two. Ponte is the best thing for this style of trousers.

  4. I did not have good luck with this pattern, used a stretch woven in the proper stretch, checked my measurements, and they were waaaay too tight! I so much wanted this pattern to work for me, but have been reluctant to give it another go. Seems so many bloggers have had success with it, so it must be me? Your pants look great and I look forward to seeing others that come from this pattern.

    1. I have heard of similar stories to yours, maybe try a stretchier fabric. I’m a bit concerned about using less stretch now. I have a black ponte pair of these planned.

  5. These pull over jeans suit you excellently and I love the shape! The crotch curve makes the pattern a win I think. Maybe the pattern have different pdf for “layered” or “tiled”?

  6. I had the same experience as Anna: wanted to love these pants and made my usual size but they were so darned tight I could barely pull them on! I’m thinking of trying again after going up at least two sizes! I will also leave out the fiddly faux pockets as I see no point to that when they will be covered up with a longer top anyway. Congrats on yours. They look smart and comfortable.

  7. These look brilliant on you and others have said not thought about using ponte. As always you come up with some great ideas and get the juices flowing!!!

  8. They look great on you Sue. Since i virtually live in leggings/comfy clothing maybe I ought to give them a try.

  9. That radiant smile on your face when you look at the photobomber! This pic was worth including, Sue! And do I spy that you stole Mark’s new luxurious wool scarf? Ahem! Ok, it looks good on you as well and so do your new Éléonore pants! xx

    1. It’s actually my new scarf from the same wool but is a slightly different colour. I forgot to mention it in the post but I’m sure it will reappear somewhere else and I’ll cover it then!

  10. Fit of pants is great and the grey coat and fabric are divine. You are inspiring me to make pants which I rarely do! Thx!

  11. Love ’em. Comfortable, warm, dress up/down and i love that you have the waist just above your hips. I’m not a fan of the high waist (on me!).

    1. Linda, I’ve (once) used a poly ponte for something, and I hate it. Sue is talking about wool ponte, which I’ve never seen. I wonder if there’s any available anywhere in our area. I expect it would be quite different from the poly stuff. Sounds like we’re both on the lookout for a stable knit that doesn’t look like crap 🙂 Let me know if you find some?

  12. This is a great looking pull-on jeans. So much nicer then leggings and like you said a kind of kameleons because you can dress up with it or dress down. I’m about to make one (using another pattern maker) similar like this one and using something else then ponte but also my fabric is very stretchy. Reading your story I’ll paying attention size wise: Forewarned is fore armed.

  13. I like the fit too 🙂 After reading this post I feel like I could use some pull on jeans myself. They must be so comfortable, but they don’t look like it! Great idea, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  14. So glad you made these–I’ve been wondering about that pattern–they’re just like my favorite RTW jeans. In general I stay away from fitted pants, but I might be able to make these work in a forgiving fabric.

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