Totally local jumper

I’m still pursuing the One Year One Outfit endeavour and I am again going to complete the outfit from totally locally produced materials. I have had my first piece completed for a couple of months now, and felt it was time I blogged it. For once I have produced something eminently wearable and to prove it, here are some photos from three separate occasions.

Here it is with my brown velveteen jeans 


I used a pattern from the Vogue Knitting Designer Knits published in 1998

vogue knitting

and my pattern was designed by Joan Vass in 1996 but was designed for a heavier, drapier yarn (cotton ribbon) than the one I used.


I had to use much larger needles in order to get the correct gauge which means that my jumper is more diaphanous than I would have liked, but boy, I love the shape and the chevron pattern formed.


I especially enjoy wearing it with my StyleArc Taylor Skirt 


Even the sleeves finish up in points.


Due to the design of this pattern, there are no shaped armholes. Each of the pattern pieces has a “V” at the top and bottom and the sleeves are slotted into the straight side seams, creating the dropped sleeve effect.

vogue pattern pieces


I’ve also worn it with my Turia dungaree dress, as well as assorted other jeans and skirts.


So item one is finished, worn and blogged. Items two and three are planned but new skills are needing to be acquired before they can be completed. I have been busy dyeing yarn and hope to use most of the wool left over from my previous makes. I still haven’t decided whether to leave this white or to dye it. I shall wait until the rest of the outfit is made and determine its final colour then.



31 thoughts on “Totally local jumper

  1. It looks fabulous and I love it with the skirt.
    I haven’t done anything yet except buy another piece of local wool fabric. You’ve given me a bit of a jolt!

      1. I see you’re doing lots of lovely natural dyeing; and weaving too? That sounds like you’re really going for gold…
        I’ve been waylaid by natural dyeing. I wish I could capture the colours on photos. Rhubarb leaves 9 days in the pot have produced a bright yellow but the fabric looks beige in photos.

      2. The photos are always disappointing compared with the real thing. I am really getting into the dyeing too but I’m not as accomplished as you are.

  2. I like your version very much, to me it looks nicer than the original – it’s more elegant, classic and easy to combine – style it up or down according with the matched item.
    A lovely result!!
    …I’m off to see if it’s available on ravelry (probably not)!

  3. I have that book – how did I miss that sweater? It’s gorgeous! Thanks for bringing it to my attention (although The Management has just asked for a sweater so I feel he should be next). You look fabulous in yours in all its incarnations 😃.

  4. Such a beautiful jumper and looks so good with your clothes. So much work involved with knitting. You need to know it is a success. My last knit will fit an elephant! I’m planining on treating it as fabric and cutting it up to resew a new jacket the way I wanted it.

  5. Thank you for your post! I liked your sweater already a lot when seeing it at IG but now I can see how well it fits, it looks very good!

  6. This is a gorgeous sweater! And I’m just wondering…why would you want to dye it when you love wearing it with so many of the clothes you have already made?! As a knitter, dyer, sewer, and newbie spinner, I can completely appreciate how you want to go farther and deeper with your artistic creation…and yet, the fit, colour and style are perfect for you! Just some thoughts for you…love your blog, and am always inspired by your talent and creativity! Enjoy a beautiful day, Donna

  7. I remember you were knitting this yarn when you visited. The hand was so soft and the colour looked lovely. I agree with Donna, why dyeing it? I particularly love it paired with your dungaree dress for a casual and cosy look!

  8. What an interesting design! I bet this was a fun knit! The sweater looks great and it goes very well with those other three garments! Looking forward to hearing from your first spinning attempts 😉

  9. What an utterly fabulous sweater! The eye-catching design you chose shows your superb knitting skills well. Love the chevrons!! Wonderful versatility looking fantastic with pants, skirt and dungarees. 🙂

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