Bespoke jeans


I have tried several jeans patterns and always felt slightly frustrated, as none fit me the way I want them to fit. Then I did the jeans class at Workspace-FADS and it was a revelation.

We all brought in our favourite jeans (I don’t have a favourite pair, but pulled out my “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”), and laid them on the table. We then used a product called “Press ‘n’ Seal”, which is used to seal food containers and which is slightly sticky on one side. (Australian viewers: You can only buy it here at the moment)


We smoothed it over a front and then a back and drew round the outside – pretty roughly by the looks of things!


and finished up with an outline of our jeans, which we were then able to trace out as a pattern. We then did a toile or two to finesse the fit.

A warning now: there are going to be some close up shots of my derriere!


This is my toile, using the same fabric as my final jeans. I always get this massive fold of fabric that Sarah pinched out for me. The fold runs all the way to the front, so there were some quite big adjustments to be made.


We were all measured, and some rather hysterical discussions ensued on the subject of crotch oddities!


Here is the final product for comparison with the first version. There is no way to ever completely eliminate the wrinkles as there has to be enough room to sit down, but the fit is as near to perfect as one can get.

I have to say that these are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn, and I have worn them repeatedly since I finished them.


The fabric is a very stretchy cut corduroy which I bought as a remnant from Knitwit. I have had it for quite a while, so I’m glad to have made it up as it is lovely fabric. I still have some left, so may see if I can wrangle a jacket from it for next autumn.


36 thoughts on “Bespoke jeans

  1. What a great trick to copycat a favorite RTW garment! Thanks for documenting that class, Sue. Your new jeans look simply perfect. Higher waists are soooo trendy right now. Once again: great work!

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  2. Yay, success at last! Your jeans look lovely. I wonder if clear Contact would work instead of Press n Seal for us kitchen paper-deprived Aussies? Your Facebook page is great too btw.


  3. The jeans look great! You’re lucky you had expert help for fitting them, since jeans are so hard to fit.

    Since you mentioned that Press ‘n’ Seal isn’t readily available in Australia, I’ll share a similar method that I use to copy garments, which I actually prefer to using Press ‘n’ Seal since the resulting pattern is more stable.

    I tape together scraps of paper into a rough shape a little smaller than the garment section I’m working on. Then I use clear box sealing tape around the edges of the paper and over the seams. I use tape only over detailed areas like pockets. Next I trace the seam lines with permanent marker. After peeling off the pattern, I put more scraps of paper under the tape and cut out the pattern, which I trace onto good paper, true up, etc.

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  4. I knew I purchased two rolls of the Press n Seal when I was in the USA for copying RTW but have so far not managed it. Now you have inspired me to have a go as your jeans looks perfect and good to hear they are so comfortable.


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