One Year One Outfit final – Part 3

Here is the final (outerwear) garment in my One Year One Outfit challenge: a swing coat.


This coat was self-drafted with the help of Sarah from Workspace-FADS and was loosely based on the Tessuti Sydney Jacket (previous make here), but evolved to a point beyond recognition. Here is the only part from the original pattern, which I really like and which I used to make my brown bolero. It’s quite interesting that the edge of the coat aligned so perfectly with the top of the corset.


The swing part of the coat was then added as a separate piece.


When I started my felting journey, I really wanted to do some cobweb felting but all my efforts were for naught, and then Sarah showed me how and I made three small panels for my coat.

IMG_0174Here I am making cobweb felt in Sarah’s classroom.

I love the randomness of the cobweb felting and the drape and texture that it adds. I just sewed it on (by hand of course), allowing the edges to take their own course.


The shoulders on the coat are formed from darts (as in the Sydney jacket), which I hand stitched and then dry felted. This gives a very smooth finish. I was going to add cuffs to the sleeves as they are a little short for my liking, but I could not get them to look right so they didn’t get used.

OK, some flashing photos now because this coat really drapes and I like twirling it.



You will note that I am still barefoot. Yes, well. I have finally worked out how to put my shoes together without introducing foreign elements, but I’ve also been experimenting with glue and have discovered that the sap from Frangipani trees works pretty well.


So two more posts and I am done!


23 thoughts on “One Year One Outfit final – Part 3

  1. Amazing Sue. I love your coat the best. And I hope the Frangipani sap works. It certainly sticks my fingers together when trimming a tree and sap drips all over my hands.

  2. Sue, what an amazing outfit and truly wonderful sewing experience The WA Coat Route has been! The cobweb embellishment adds such great texture and interest… and the other layers are all gorgeous in their own right too. Such fun following along on the journey 🙂

  3. The coat is lovely but the cobwebs make it truly unique. These are all perfect Winter Whites! It’s a pity you will have to wait until next Winter to wear them.. Your experiments in dyeing and felting have been really interesting. Thanks for writing about them.

  4. I have so I enjoyed reading about your journey with this project. Your outfit is fabulous and that jacket is to die for and the cobwebbing embellishment – oh my. You have outdone yourself.

  5. this is just too delicious! The cobweb felting adds such flair to your jacket that people are just going to want to stroke you in the street! So glad the sap idea has been of good use! I really must see if I can convince husband to make some soles for me!

  6. The cobweb felting adds a wonderful texture to your coat and I have to keep reminding myself that you have made every single piece from scratch.

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