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This is another souvenir remnant of Marimekko from our trip to Stockholm in 2014. I bought it thinking I would make a Japanese style apron, but didn’t have enough fabric – who knew they took so much? I could have made a regular apron, but having made the shirt aprons, I had second thoughts.

When I made the other Marimekko outfit I got this piece out of the stash determined to make it into something, anything. It is another Unikko design, but this time the flowers are enormous, and the colours are rather eye wateringly acidic.


I decided to make a simple top as this would break up the flowers the least, and Vogue 8062 view B seemed to be the answer as I’ve made it before quite successfully.

vogue 8062

I used the full length of the fabric and had the tiniest bit left from where I cut out the neck and shaped the armholes. I love this now as a tunic.


I seem to have more of the flowers on the back.


The whole time I was making this top I experienced quite a high level of anxiety. I showed it to Mark as I was in the process of making it and he made a face, and I’ve got to admit I was rather concerned that I was going to look like a giant cushion. Having finished it, Mark looked quite delighted and I felt rather good about the whole thing. I do have to point out my rather epic pattern matching on the shoulder. This photo was taken accidentally as I bent down to pull out a weed! I won’t show you the other shoulder…


For two years I’ve been threatening to throw out my white (now decidedly cream) stretch trousers and I finally did just that, replacing them with these bright white Jalie Eleonore pull on jeans, which is one of my new favourite TNT patterns. The fabric is stretch cotton and came from Knitwit.


This is not the end of my Marimekko souvenir fabric, but I might give it a bit of a rest now and have a change of scenery.



30 thoughts on “More Marimekko

  1. oh, this is wonderful; as is the previous marimekko outfit. I immediately wondered if you’ve tried this on with the darker skirt? I think I’d love that outfit too.

  2. Just because the flowers are so giant they don’t work as flowers anymore. I am quite envious of your marimekko’s. I don’t have any left and yey are so summery and beautiful.

  3. Love this outfit. Like you i would have been worried about the cushion effect but that has not happened. You were brave and it paid off.

  4. I love this tunic and also your last outfit (I wrote a message on your original post but it must have got deleted when you replaced the post). Marimekko and particularly the Unikko design are my favourite prints!

  5. Gosh, you’re like a lovely ray of sunshine! I love the bold simplistic flower shapes and the colours are fab. Super impressed with the pattern matching too.

  6. I love what you have done with the fabric! It looks great made into a tunic and I don’t think you look like a cushion either 🙂 You look like spring and summer 🙂

  7. Love all you Marimekko makes. Not a fan of their clothes in the stores but you have made the fabrics your own and they look fabulous! BTW, I love my white pull on jeans too but mine are Stylearc 🙂

    1. I think I have the Stylearc pattern too, but they don’t fit me properly, so I prefer the Jalie ones. I always wonder why Marimekko don’t sell their garment fabrics, but I would never buy their clothes either.

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