Pattern Union shirt

This shirt pattern was created by Sarah from Workspace Fashion & Design School, where I am learning the basics of pattern making. Sarah is planning to commercialise some of the patterns she creates alongside her students, and I was lucky enough to test this one. Her pattern line will be released under her Pattern Union banner, and this is just the first of her creations that I will be showing.

The back of the shirt has a yoke with an inverted pleat in the centre back. I think it is the perfect length and it coordinates really well with my new Jalie Elèanore pull on jeans.


Most of Sarah’s patterns have variations and this one can be adapted in a variety of ways which I haven’t explored yet, but here are a couple of versions


This shirt has grown on three-quarter length sleeves with a cuff, the front is cut straight, with an optional button band, or a front pleat with a short button band.  I did the bottom version with the long front “tails”, but didn’t include the button band, so the only part which buttons is the collar closure. DSC09896

The tails can hang loose, but there is a slot in each side seam to thread them through and I had a lovely time playing with the various ways in which I could tie the fronts.


I didn’t put buttons and buttonholes on the cuffs as I had the view that they were meant to be left open, but I am going to retrofit them as I think the cuffs look unfinished, even if I never do up the buttons.DSC09886

The fabric is a divine silk/cotton mix which I bought about eight years ago in Queenstown, New Zealand. I have had this out of my stash on several occasions, just waiting for the right time to use it. So happy to be wearing it at last.



19 thoughts on “Pattern Union shirt

  1. What a gorgeous shirt! I am taking part in the Bonn sew along to make my first shirt ever. I must say the collars and cuffs are a bit confusing to this gal who usually sews with knits. I have learned to be much more exact with my seam allowances which will improve my sewing in general. The thorough instructions that Kennis includes are helping a great deal as are many tutorials. Your beautiful makes do inspire me to keep plugging along!

  2. Dolman sleeves! How original and flattering is Sarah’s first pattern. Love the popover variation too. Looking forward to see the rest of her collection. Good luck to her!

  3. Love your shirt. The first thing that caught my eye was the kennelworth ivy on the ground behind you. I had it in my garden in Louisiana at one time. Unfortunately there was a bad freeze and it did not resprout. I have not been able to get some from a local source.
    I always enjoy your sewing projects but this time the plant jumped right out at me !

    1. I hadn’t heard it called kennelworth ivy, but I’ve googled it now and that’s what it is! We have quite a bit of it, but it never freezes here!

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