Missoni makes

I had a couple of pieces of Missoni wool in my stash that I decided to make up for this trip.

First up is a jumper made from a classic Missoni chevron stripe. This fabric came from Tessuti, Sydney.


I made the jumper using the same self-drafted pattern that I used for my red top and wore it at the Top of the Rock. Central Park is in the background here.

I also wore it a bit in London, and teamed it with jeans made from the jeans block I made in my pattern making class. They have been well worn on this trip.IMG_3237

I only had a very small piece of fabric for this top which meant that the pattern didn’t match on the raglans. It took me a while to come to terms with this, but I’ve loved wearing the jumper so much that I no longer mind.IMG_3241

Obligatory back view, taken on the balcony of our apartment.IMG_3249

I love the chevron stripe so much that I wanted to keep it on the edges. The selvedge was like this, with some stray loopy threads


so, using some cream wool, I blanket stitched along the edges, giving quite a neat finish – although I seem to have chosen the least neat bit of blanket stitching for my photo, but you get the idea!


My other Missoni make was this dress. It is the same dress as the Lottie dress and this dress. I again bought the fabric in Tessuti and had something completely different in mind when I bought it, but really like this dress. I wore it to the Lion King when Bridgette took me for my Christmas gift, and we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe first. IMG_2544 (1)

This is the only other photo of me in the dress on this trip, I am sipping a mojito, with some eyes-closed delight, clearly!IMG_2546

Again, I was a bit short of fabric so had to cut the sleeves into two pieces to fit the dress pattern on. I think the seam down the sleeves is quite a nice design feature. I top stitched all the seams to add some detail to what I was afraid might have been a boring dress.

A couple of last shots from our London sojourn. This was a sunrise taken from our bedroom window.


and some street art, in an alleyway off Brick Lane. I found the street art so fascinating, although I notice that it still gets tagged which is rather annoying.


We are back at home now and it seems very strange looking back at my woollen makes when we are sweltering in the heat. I was just reflecting on my sewing over the last few months. I spent the winter sewing summer clothes for our Indian holiday, and the beginning of summer sewing winter clothes for this holiday. I am looking forward to doing some season appropriate sewing!


17 thoughts on “Missoni makes

  1. Two lovely outfits Sue. I love the raglan sleeves, and the wool must be so toasty warm…ideal for your trip. It must be a rude shock to return home to the heat and threat of bushfires after your wintery holiday. We have had lots of rain and cool temps on the East Coast since New Year.

    1. Yes, I’ve been watching your weather with envy. We have a massive bushfire raging at the moment and can’t get to our bush retreat, which is disappointing. The heat is a very rude shock!

  2. I bet the weather here has been quite a shock to the system! These are both lovely creations, and it’s been great to see your photographs on IG and to see your gorgeous handmade wardrobe getting worn out and about. Thanks so much for sharing the holiday with us all !
    Hopefully we will get together soon and hear all about it in person 🙂

  3. Hi Sue! I love that chevron striped top!
    I’ve been wanting to send you some photos of my own sewing and knitting efforts, but have lost your hotmail address. Could you email me at work? I’m also dying to send you a pic of my new you-beaut sewing machine that I bought on impulse before Christmas.

  4. I feel privileged that I have seen your Missoni wool top in the flesh. “Laid-back luxury” is what I thought when I saw you. The dress is equally simple and elegant, especially with these booties. What a perfect outfit for winter in NYC. This already seems far away, non?

    1. Ah Hélène, I’m so glad you saw my top. Yes, NYC is beginning to fade into my memory, but you’re not! I cannot wait to catch up with you again.

  5. Both of your makes are beautiful and so well made. I really like the raglan sleeves, they suit you so well. You have made very good use of your small fabrics. I love the topstitching you gave your dress. Two very usefull garments for our winter weather.

  6. I love your tops, particularly the chevron stripe. Gorgeous.
    Sad to hear of the bush fire you have now. I hope it won’t be long before you can go to your bush retreat, and hopefully not too much damage.

    1. Thanks Kim. The bushfire has been horrendous, but thankfully was a hundred kilometres or so from our place, so we are untouched for now. It’s going to be a terrible season for fires though, we’ve had two in the south west of our state already.

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