London by night

This is a follow up post to the London by day post. The rain held off one night so we headed off to take some night-time photos. These were all taken by Archie with assistance from his parents!

Big Ben with a big red bus passing by. My job was to spot the buses coming and Mark’s job was to do a count down so that Archie could press the shutter button just at the point where they passed him. The red streak in the photo is the bus going past, believe it or not.


Another red bus passing Big Ben from a different angle


Tower Bridge at night – how glorious is this?


and, yes, a bus going through the middle of the bridge. This was a blue tourist bus.2J9A2992

The Shard at night – pretty non?


The London Eye with an avenue of Christmas lit trees.2J9A2976

Another shot of the London Eye, this time showing the County Hall building.



and yet another angle. It looks pink because the light cycle had gone to red and white.


View across the Thames towards St Paul’s Cathedral. Mark and I are underlit by a torch. The Millennium Bridge is in the background.2J9A2983

Trafalgar Square2J9A2959

London by night is gorgeous; it is less crowded and when it’s been raining, all the roads reflect the light brilliantly.


14 thoughts on “London by night

  1. These photos are all stunning, but the one showing the London Eye with a row of Christmas lit trees is such a brilliant composition with triangular lines running into the red circle of light. Archie really makes the most of his camera, but he also has a real artistic talent for photography. These pics could all be offered in Fotostock ( Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, that London Eye shot is one of my favourites too. Archie does have a talent. I will chat to him about Fotostock, but not sure he’s ready for that!

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