A tiny bit of fabric shopping in London

I had very little space in my suitcase so I determined to just buy a tiny bit of fabric, and I wanted it to be Liberty.IMG_3213

Yes, the Liberty store, but I didn’t buy anything in spite of the sale. The store is always worth a visit though as the building is so stunning.

Brick Lane, Shoreditch, where I was staying had a few fabric shops, and this one did have some appeal in spite of the rather dodgy exterior. No Liberty, but some other quite nice  fabrics; but no sales to me!IMG_3162

Then Mark and I took a little detour to Old Brompton Road, Shaukat Fabrics, to be precise, which was almost wall to wall Liberty. Not as cheap as Mood Fabrics, but a much larger selection.IMG_3171

I focused on the Liberty knits as they are hard to buy at home, and came out of the store with three different selections of knits, plus a metre of Liberty Tana Lawn. IMG_3168

Looking guilty here, and rather rumpled.

I did buy some vintage printed pin cord and a Liberty scarf at a local vintage store, which had quite a bit of fabric as well as lots of other amazing temptations. The store is Porcelain and Red and was literally round the corner from our apartment. The sisters who own the store have a blog which I’m just beginning to explore and which looks really interesting. Check out the post on Biba, for example – just wonderful. But the best thing? They post to Australia! Oops, that might be the worst thing!

Apart from fabric, I did indulge in the English sweets of my childhood. I did buy some in Hardys, which had loads of things I remembered with some nostalgia, and I managed to corrupt Mark with Dewdrops. IMG_3205

I also found Chocolate Hobnobs and bought a couple of packets to smuggle back to Australia, although Archie quite liked them to my dismay.






13 thoughts on “A tiny bit of fabric shopping in London

  1. Liberty knits? I didn’t know they’re was such a thing! Mind you, I’ve never had any Liberty fabric at all. One day I’ll splurge on some I’m sure.

    It looks like you’re having a great time on your travels, it’s good to see you fitting in a good amount of fabric shopping.

    1. It’s more like a Liberty jersey now I think about it Andrea, but the main thing is that it’s stretchy and drapey. I cannot wait to sew it up! I also have some Liberty cotton fleece in my stash and tried to buy more, but they didn’t have any – lucky huh?

  2. I knew it!! You’re a real fabric lover, Sue. And yes, I can read a little guilt on your face outside Shaukat, but you can’t go wrong with Liberty. Now you must be itching to work your magic on your latest finds!

  3. I visited Liberty last summer, and with the state of the Canadian dollar found their fabric prices, um, daunting. Does Shaukat carry discontinued or older prints and are they at a lower cost than they might be at the Liberty shop?

    1. Shankar had a load of Liberty. Good range and reasonable prices. They do post. Mood has less range but was cheaper. Everywhere is cheaper than Australua! 😀

  4. You surely had a good time! The Liberty building is just stunning and I bought some yards of tana lawn there. Should have gone to Shaukat, too. Next time! Sweets of childhood have a special taste 🙂

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