London by day

We have dropped into London on our way home and have enjoyed a wonderful few days, although no time at all to catch up with any family, friends, or fellow sewers, which is disappointing, but we’re planning a return visit in 2016.

This is an unashamed tourist’s view of London, with just some of my favourite places, and no sewing mentioned at all.

We walked across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Gallery, which was fabulous.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the only thatched roof left in London, and Tom tells me that they have to have a fireman on standby every time they stage a show.IMG_3120

St Paul’s Cathedral, which is always worth a visit. It is such an imposing buildingIMG_3126

We wandered down Fleet Street to the Royal Courts of JusticeIMG_3133

and Mark had to pose in front of them, of course. IMG_3135

London has markets aplenty, but we only got to a couple. This is the Borough Market, which was full of amazing food.IMG_3146

Of course London is also full of amazing pubs, and this one is the oldest – The George Inn


I was very taken with the oak furniture, although Tom liked the saying above the fireplace (in the photo above).IMG_3155

We ducked over to Old Brompton Road, where we saw this rather unusual addition to a building – the Royal British Society of Sculptors. Not sure I’m so taken with this, but it’s certainly different!


I do love streets such as these though. Last time I came to London I stayed in a boutique hotel in Kensington that looked just like this.


Mark and I went for a long ramble and came across this gem – St Katharine Docks – just tucked away. It was so delightful, and this photograph does not do it justice.  IMG_3183

We needed to do all the touristy things, and really enjoyed the London Eye, although Archie got better photos than I did.IMG_3187

We were lucky because all the Christmas lights were still a-twinklingIMG_3195

I thought I’d show this photo of Mark sending a postcard to his Mum. The red letterboxes are still magnificent, and it proves that people do still send and receive postcards!IMG_3202

Archie in Carnaby Street, complete with Christmas decorations.IMG_3208

We stayed in an apartment on Brick Lane, Shoreditch. It was a “penthouse”, but on the fourth floor, so not too penthousey!

The view from the balcony was pretty good though


On Sunday there were market stalls as far as the eye could see along here.

Shoreditch is a wonderful place to stay. It is full of street art – some of it occurring as we watched.IMG_3216

It is also full of vintage clothing stores. I swear I didn’t find them all, but I did visit a goodly number. There were also a few fabric shops, but I didn’t indulge myself. I figure that there must have been some sort of tailoring industry in Brick Lane because I came across this interesting plaque in the pavement.


Finally, for this post, we went to Camden Lock and the Camden Markets. We walked there along the canal and it was delightful.


I’m going to plunder some of Archie’s photos for my next post – they are so much better than mine.


16 thoughts on “London by day

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  2. What a lovely travel journal. The London diverse architecture is splendid and I can’t wait to see the city through your son’s eyes – his photos of Iceland were simply amazing. So, no fabric shopping at all, Sue? Come on! You’re talking to fabric-ahoolics here.

  3. This has been a great travel journal, and you all seem to have had such fun! Also in London, you have pointed out to me things I have never noticed. I am definitely going to look out for those manhole covers in Brick Lane. I worked round there for years and never noticed them! Thanks for your tour. It made me feel like I was on holiday with you, when in fact I was rushing round making up beds, and shopping, for a stream of family visitors over Christmas. Didn’t have time to comment much before though 🙂

    1. There are quite a few of those manhole covers – although I’m not sure if they are manhole covers, they’re quite small. Thank you for your comment, it made me laugh because I’ve done nothing but laundry since I got home. Holidays are exhausting!

  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful travel reports. I think that your pictures are great and interesting. I visited London two months ago and didn’t make one good picture.

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