1972 swimsuit and the Blue Lagoon


I took these new bathers to Iceland and wore them in a sauna at The Volcano Huts, Thorsmork.


I have had this pattern in my stash for a little while, and it was part of my prize in the 2014 vintage pledge and was donated by the Selvedge Shop. It is Simplicity 5027.


I made view A, and although the size on the pattern envelope is a tad small in the bust, this pattern was massive with about 20+cms of ease in the top. This may have been because one of the suggested fabrics is canvas. Yes, if I had canvas bathers, I would want a massive amount of ease, although I might drown with all the weight :).

I redrafted the pattern at my pattern making class and made a few adjustments. First I added an inner lining which formed a supportive bra and also provided a very neat finish around the neckline and armholes. IMG_3059

This was made by simply copying the top half of the bodice pattern, and adding a bra made from foam on the inside.


Elastic was sewn round the bottom of the whole thing to provide support and comfort. And these bathers really are comfortable.

The fabric came from a shirt I made Archie when he went to a Woodstock party dressed as Jimmy Hendrix, and I knew he would never wear it again. His shirt was from a 1960s pattern, so both items form part of my 2015 vintage pledge.

I also wore them to the Blue Lagoon, and didn’t get any photos until they were wet, and um, a bit clingy, but at least we can see what they look like in action!


The back view – I did my best with the pattern matching but I was a tad short of fabric, so it was tricky.2J9A2869

The undies part of these bathers were made from sleeves! I have joins in them in strange places.2J9A2870

What I love about this style of bathers is that they are so comfy to wear, and they cover up a multitude of sins. I shall be making more now that the pattern fits me properly!

The Blue Lagoon is fed from a geothermal spring that actually feeds turbines to generate electricity, and this is a healthy by-product of that process, containing silica and other minerals, and the temperature is between 37° and 39° year round.

A final shot of the new part of the Blue Lagoon. This is a must visit in Reykjavik, but be sure to book tickets in advance, they get booked out super quickly. We had a lovely couple of hours lounging around, relaxing and warming ourselves up after our days out on the snow. The water does do wonders for the skin, as claimed, and the effects lasted for at least a couple of days. 12476449_10156288415785063_872096086_n

This was our last stop in Iceland, and it was a lovely way to finish our stay.




16 thoughts on “1972 swimsuit and the Blue Lagoon

  1. How funny! Today, your compatriot Carolyn (from Handmade Carolyn) is featuring a shearling coat in sunny Australia whereas you’re featuring a bather in snowy Iceland. The sewing world is upside down!

  2. I’ve found your Iceland tales so interesting. The cold place has always been on my bucket list but I think it has just moved nearer the top. The Blue lagoon was such a great place to take shots of your lovely bathers/togs/swimmers/cosies!!!

  3. Great bathers! The Blue Lagoon is a bit of a head spinner. I loved the slimy ‘mud’ that was gathered in pots t use as a skin treatment. I was less impressed with the odd rocks on the bottom that you could stub toes on (invisible in the cloudy water).

  4. Amazing photos and your swimsuit looks so comfortable. The Blue Lagoon looks amazing and interesting about the benefit ps to the skin.

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