Fieldwork Molly Skirt

I had the most amazing September where I won 19 (yes 19!) patterns in a couple of different challenges. The biggest prize came from the Independent Pattern Designers Showcase and these two makes are from those patterns.

First up is the Fieldwork Molly skirt. Every summer I feel as though I need a white skirt to go with all my various tops, and  I thought this style might look quite nice in white.

With my propensity for dyeing every piece of white cotton in my stash, I had to dig deep and found a really thick vintage white sheet that I think Sarah had found for me at an estate sale she went to.

It was the perfect weight, so I made it up and it is everything I wanted and more. The skirt has no zip, instead it has a clever concealed opening within the left pocket. I liked the soft pleats front and back.

It definitely goes with a lot of my tops:

I wore it to walk my friend’s dog on a lovely spring day.

And it’s even been up a ladder!

I took it on holiday to Darwin, and here I am buying coffee at an amazing nursery. I may have spilled some of the coffee on the skirt – doh! I did manage to get the stain out though.

I also wore it over my 1970s style swimsuit dress, Simplicity 5027, which I made for a trip to New York and Iceland in 2015/2016. It has a built in bra so makes a really good top alternative if I’m going for a swim. We wanted to walk into Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park and I thought this would be an excellent outfit. What was I thinking? Over an hour of scrambling over rocks and I was hot, close to losing it, and exceedingly grumpy. 

The amazing scenery made it all worthwhile, and I look quite serene here, although I was trying to persuade Mark that I might need to be helicoptered out!

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I am pleased to report that in spite of all that trekking, the skirt is still quite clean and I can wear it again. The skirt is going to be eligible for Magamsewalong rOcktober theme for October. Rock means skirt in German, so I’ve nailed it!

I had a wonderful swim and the return journey didn’t seem to be nearly as hard.

I’ve since worn the skirt and the only thing that made it dirty was the car!


9 thoughts on “Fieldwork Molly Skirt

    1. I was the luckiest! I am a bit overwhelmed though, to be honest, but I’m going to honour all those designers by working my way through their patterns. Thanks Kristen!

  1. A great little skirt and no matter what I wouldn’t be able to keep while clean for very long at all, need to work out what to do with my white jeans.

    We flew over the Jim Jim Falls in May 2019 as the walking trail was not open and wouldn’t be open until the salties had been removed. We now need to do the walk and will remember the trek.

    1. Thanks Sharon, I am actually pretty good at keeping clean, which always amazes me. It’s a really hard walk into Jim Jim. Lots of people turned round before the end, so I was rather proud of the fact that I made it. I can recommend it though.

    1. I haven’t blogged that Xanthea yet, so I was pretending it wasn’t there 😂. It’s my favourite so far, and I brought it on holidays with me. Thanks Liz, I agree about skirts!

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