Sneaky shrug ‘stravaganza

I needed to make a couple of shrugs to test the pattern for the tutorial, and these are the result.

The first one is made from a wool blend from Textile Traders. It’s pretty stretchy and drapey and I thought it would be just right for the pattern.


I added the long pieces to this shrug to just make sure that I had all the construction correct in case anyone wanted to make this version. With the shrug turned upside down they provide a really nice warm collar – I’ve just pinned them together with a magnet glued to an enormous button.


I like the back shaping of the shrug


This was a Me-Made-May ensemble, and I’m wearing my striped Danish jumper, and some wool flannel trousers I made for my Christmas trip to colder climes.

Next up is another shrug made from some boiled, foiled wool from Knitwit. This fabric is leftover from this coat, and it’s lovely to have it out of the stash.



This shrug didn’t get the two longer flaps at the front as I wanted it to be a bit different and I also wanted to test the pattern to make sure that it all sat properly.


It’s much thicker fabric with no drape, so the edges just sit where I put them.DSC07713-3

But, once again, I love the back. This is the warmest shrug and it will be in constant rotation.DSC07714-3

In the photos of the boiled wool shrug I am wearing the maxi skirt for the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge and a new tee shirt dress made from my tee shirt block. I used some merino knit I had hanging around the stash and I am beyond pleased with it.


I spent some time puzzling over this photo of the back view, wondering what the lump was on my left arm. I have just realised that I wore this to have my flu vaccination and the nurse put a massive gauze dressing on my arm. The other lumps, however, are home grown…


Lastly, a shot of the dress in action with Heidi, who I was looking after that day. I am also wearing made by me tights which I dyed to be charcoal, but they change colour every time I launder them. Today they have a greenish tinge! DSC07723

The boots are knitted and felted and I originally made them for the One Year One Outfit challenge, but they didn’t make the grade. However, I love them and wear them constantly in the house. I am considering putting soles on them so I can wear them out and about.


28 thoughts on “Sneaky shrug ‘stravaganza

  1. Amazing amount of Work and lovely garments as a result. The shrugs are very flattering and will keep you superbly warm over winter. Love the tee shirt dress on you, too! I think Heidi agrees. 🙂

  2. All of your handmade woollies look good. I love the zig zag jumper with the various shrugs. The shrugs themselves look great, but so different depending on the fabric you used. You are so lucky to have merino wool jersey available. I’m sure I could get it here but at what price! Anyway I’m trying to think of summer-wear, though the summer weather hasn’t appeared yet ☂. Perhaps I should make a wool shrug!

  3. Where to start really. I’ve looked at this post so many times to look at all the great clothes you’ve made. I was very taken by the stretchy knit shrug as I’ll be doing mine in that. Amazing to knit your own boots. Why didn’t they make the grade? They look fabulous to me. Was Heidi thinking of eating them, I wonder????

    1. A knit shrug sounds like a plan. I’m glad you like my boots – Heidi has been found with them in her mouth on occasion. They didn’t go with my outfit so didn’t make the cut but I do adore them!

  4. Your shrugs all look so cosy and stylish, but this tee shirt dress, Sue, wow! It really brings out your amazing figure. If my memory serves me right, you once told me you weren’t into yoga. What’s your secret then?

    1. Nope, no yoga for me – secret is a chocolate diet and lots of exercise – there are some very lumpy bits that shouldn’t be there Hélène!

  5. Your shrugs look very cosy and I can see why you wear the boots a lot. Lovely and warm around the ankles, which is where my feet are always coldest.

  6. Your clothes are so stylish. Thank you for sharing. Where can u get the pattern for the shrug. The drapery one is my favorite😄
    Also I noticed the statue in the background; is that a woman kneeling?

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