Am I wearing a picnic blanket?



Well, yes, in a way I am! This Woodland stroll cape began life as a blanket which was on sale in Bed, Bath & Table, and it is the snuggliest thing ever.


The inside is that fluffy polyester stuff that isn’t really woven in – more like compressed into the fabric and when it’s cut it rains white crumbs everywhere. I’m still sweeping them up.


I added pockets to this cape, because I knew I would love sinking my hands into all that snuggly loveliness, even though they make the overall effect rather overpowering. I was surprised at how little fabric I actually had to play with, so pattern matching was a bit of a challenge. Those pockets aren’t really mirror images, although I’m pretending they are.


I used two different styles of buttons for the jacket – both of which are vintage. There are two brown and two blue and they are gorgeous. The buttons which catch the waist in are rather plain in comparison, but they are not really noticeable.


The original blanket was overlocked and blanket stitched, so I overlocked all the edges and thought I’d blanket stitch them as well. Trust me, there are metres of edges. I worked out how to blanket stitch on the overlocker (being the lazy sort), but it didn’t quite look right so I took it out and enjoyed the hand stitching. I also blanket stitched the pockets on, and blanket stitched round the buttonholes. These were a bit of a disaster – they looked like red gaping mouths, and stretched out of all recognition. I finished up binding them with bought bias binding and they are now behaving themselves.DSC07746

This is the last of these Woodland capes for a while – I have other fish to fry at the moment…


21 thoughts on “Am I wearing a picnic blanket?

  1. Well, there’s nothing like a cosy blanket cape with secret pyjamas for a cool picnic! 😉 Seriously, I do admire your hand work on these blanket stitches and the vintage buttons are lovely. You, lazy? I don’t think so.

    1. Thank you Hélène, but I do try to take shortcuts occasionally; they never seem to work out though which should tell me something 😜

  2. Using a blanket as fabric’s a good idea.
    I didn’t notice the pockets weren’t mirror images until you mentioned it. I’m sure no one but you will know when you wear it.

  3. This looks so cozy. Lovely buttons and a great job on the blanket stitching. Definitely not lazy!

  4. I think it looks great – so cozy – we are just getting into summer here, so not ready to try this yet!!!

  5. So clever to use a blanket for this cape and I think you have made great use of the plaid, even if the pockets are not mirror images (which I had not noticed until you pointed it out). Sure to be a winter favourite.

    1. I should not have mentioned the pockets, everyone said they hadn’t noticed 🙂 Anyway, thank you for the comment, this is already a favourite!

  6. Sorry I’m so far behind on my comments. I love the woodland stroll cape, I too have a blanket destined for greatness! At the moment, a fancy jacket? But a cape would be easier, and there are a few cape patterns about. This one looks very practical and nicely close to the neck.

    1. I really like this cape, but there are lots of patterns about, as you say. I do fancy one with a collar, strangely, but am trying to resist making any more.

  7. I saw this when it was a blanket in a plastic bag with a receipt on top of it – I am gob-smacked! Great result!

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